1. Hello Crypto Jack ✌🙂 i have a few question for you, first : how much monny do i need to have on my exchange account to make a nice profit in in monny/$$$ so I can see it feel it something i can take and walk away with if i want to or reinvest in crypto ???
    Do you think bittrex is Better for a new beginner like me vs binance??? I was thinking WOW and YES when i see your bittrex exchange account ITS looks so Nice and simpel 🙂👍 without all the whistels and bells and horns going on , thats nice and One more thing i took form your video was when you where settin up the buy Prince and Later the sell price you could really see right away how much profit you would make from that trade ud it went well, that means that i as a new beginner will be able to see if im doing Something wrong 😀👍 i like that Very Much, SO i think im going to move all my crypto to Bittrex.
    All the best to you here from 🇩🇰✌😀 stay i the green.

  2. Hi Jack! Thank you for this video, it's very helpful! Can you give me an advice? What do you think about changelly exchange? I want to use it, but they have 0,25% fee. Do you know exchanges with lower fees?

  3. Hey man this was pretty cool, yet again. If you ever need an editor to spice up these videos for you perhaps we can work something out? Either way, good video.

  4. Hello jack how are i want to ask a question if you dont mind can you tell me the platfrm where i start to trade on 10 20 to usd because some of platforms active our trade option on 200$ above so if you know can you guide me

  5. Been watching you for such a long time now. Thank you for all the informative content. Thinking about joining your tradecall community but I only have a couple of bags worth of crypto. Liked and Subscribed Jack. Keep it up.

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