The BEST Programming Language For TRADING (Automated Trading Part 2: )

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  1. Thank you very much for all your videos! I am a little bit surprised that you are saying that Python is not recommended for implementation but 0nly for backtesting.. Indeed, I am following your online course on Freqtrade which is using Python.. Are you saying that because of the low speed of Python ? If yest, can we do HFT or arbirtrage trading on Cryptomarket using a Python trading bot/Freqtrade ? Or maybe using Cython ? Thanks for your reply

  2. My concerns are …..
    1. Market data, how much to pay and to who, I want level 2 and level 1 also.
    2. The platform to trade on and the commissions, if too high then it will not be worth it.

  3. These language recommendations are really out of date. Julia is so much better than Python but has the speed of Java/C#. C++ is just a bad language and I would recommend Golang over that. I think Go will eventually replace Java/C# as Java/C# is so isolated to its own ecosystem.

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