The Best Strategy to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire in 2020 (NO BS)

There are many different trading strategies promoted by crypto influencers claiming you will get rich. In this video we will cut thought the BS and I will explain the …


  1. Online trading is inarguably becoming very successful and good traders have a big say to this, I came across Mrs Moran a professional broker and i have been trading with her, and i have made a huge return in my investment.

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    i did this on 2010 I had no bank account so i tried mining but it crushed my computer after mining for a day , but i think it overpowered my computer it crushed and went blank , to fix it i had to reinstall windows after formatting the hard drive i was angry with this bitcoin thing , but now am wandering is there a way for me to recover the address of my mining , since then i never looked at bitcoin again until 2015 when i saw it at £100 i thought i had already been left behind by the plane so i just started learning more about it and started trying to buy it but kept on getting dodge people not coming to the contact p2p points and gave up , i then got in to buy little by little in 2018 and i mean its very little because one of my major problem is that i am one of the unbanked (but living in the UK—i know its unbealivable but its the truth)for years so the only chance has been to buy from the bitcoin atm machines which charged huge fees . I really appreciate your content , and would like to encourage those in THE PRESENT AND in the FUTURE that bitcoin now is £11000 in august 2020 it could be £250 000 000 after the 2021 bull run or after 2025 bull run do not wish for a time machine to bring you back to this present time today or tomorrow buy little by little now in Africa the wise elders say – a dog finishes a bowl of milk by its tongue , it takes droplets to fill an ocean , IF you have anything little of bitcoin to help me please send to this address at anytime 12KvgHdszmPEBMzzE3zy37mU4dwSRJLgqR all stay blessed and have a very bright future Thank you in advance

  3. Cryptocurrence  is still making a lot of people " very RICH". Investors in Bitcoin  are getting rich daily. All you need is a secured and certified strategy that bypass market risk  and keep your invested capital safe by opting out with no withdrawer crunch. Personally I have made over 600%.  In the beginning of this year, I increased my intial deposit to 1.2Btc and it has grown to 10btc.
    I've never seen profit opportunities like this before in any market even when other traders complain of loses. Incase you are interested in investing or perhaps you are trading and has been losing, feel free to contact me via I will be sure to guide and assist you.

  4. That guy didn't have any strategy, he just got lucky that he got 50 Bitcoin for free and then another 1000 for free (0,77$ is nothing).
    That wasn't a strategy, most likely it was a joke for him.

  5. For the past few months Peter scott has been able to get me $6400 every week I am so happy he has turned me to a better trader I have no recorded loss since I started trading with him and it has been wonderful for the past few months I have been trading with him

  6. Bitcoin started to mount a strong comeback earlier last week after days of stalling and consolidation. The benchmark cryptocurrency recovered from recent lows and now trades at $9,500 support region but remains below a crucial region of resistance that could unlock upside not seen since 2019 if the leading cryptocurrency manages to reclaim the $10,000 zone as support. I am not going to miss out on the slightest opportunity to ride along with bulls as I am accumulating and increasing my portfolio with Nathan Trueman’s trade signal. His trade signal has turned out to be the most accurate among the lot which I have used because ever since copying his trade signals in my own trades I have accumulated 15 btc from my initial 5 in a short period of time and I will keep doing so. Smart investors will have the time of their life this year because bitcoin will reach greater heights. Nathan can be reached telegram:(nathantrueman) or WhatsApp:(+44) 7723 984457 for assistance and guidance on how best to trade.

  7. Its really sad that you promote a smart mixer scam. I mean you probably get used for your subs to cheat them of there bitcoin. Just do your basic investigation on the website plus the links. Go online and check for reviews. Do the test? Did you get your crypto back?
    Bro i love your channel and content but now you just made a big mistake? Just saying you have really loyal subs out here.

  8. I just use the rsi on the weekly chart and I buy when the rsi is signaling over sold. I take some profit when its overbought on the same time frame very simple and the longer time frame monthly and weekly charts get you into the large moves. I save bitcoin I spend fiat

  9. – Calls out others for being fat cats;
    – also: buys $ 6.000 a day of BTC ..
    I like that guy, but can't help seeing what I see.
    And then there's Grayscale buying up lots of Bitcoin .. and all these whales manipulating the price ..
    SAME GAME. Other players.

  10. As observed lately, interest in making a fortune from cryptocurrency keeps growing but a lot of people seem to delve in without a properly laid out strategy which is very important irrespective of your hodling or trading route. What is paramount to avoid losses is trying out several strategies and sticking to that which works for as long as it works and I came to this resolution when I stumbled upon some information about chris mike and once I contacted him, he helped me develop one and with his daily support using his trade strategies and tutorials, I have been doing pretty well as a trader from the market, making a minimum of 19 btc in profit for the last 2 months I have been using his system. And his signal is extremely accurate and I intend sticking to …

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