The Big Short Michael Lewis Missed (w/ Raoul Pal and Jeff Greene)

Billionaire real estate investor Jeff Greene built his fortune with a lifetime of hustle and no partners. In this interview with Raoul Pal, Greene explains how he …


  1. I wonder what it is like to be a multimillionaire. The guy had 400 million and was wondering what he should do. I would have retired with much less. But again, maybe if I had made 400 mil I would understand.

  2. 6 point plan for new banking system: 1. All Central banks and their right to create currency abolished. 2. All debt owed to Central banks extinguished 3. All assets and interests owned by central banks and central banks owners returned to respective governments i.e. people. 4. A National bank created for each country and owned by citizen tax payers with exclusive right omto create national currency 5. All banks nationalised. 6. Banks return to be utilities

  3. He's smart, hardworking and lucky, but considering how rich he is and how poor many in his country are, he lacks empathy and participation in trying to make it better. The system clearly doesn't work today for the majority, but it works for him.

  4. why even waste OUR time asking one more smiling Billionaire how to fix a utterly twisted system that has been pouring endless streams of free paper money down his throat every single day of his adult life? Capitalism only allows another mental wall to be erected in the minds of men . The zoo keeper fails to understand why the 10 Zebras and 17 venetian Bats stuffed into a 4 by 17 ft cage refuse to make use of the toilet area provided by the host.

  5. Well I'll bet against America because America have never faced a crisis like this before. We in Europe we have. Germany, France, England, Spain, we have all faced disaster and come out the other side, but for America it have only ever gone up, ye have never faced a real national crisis. Ye are going to when this thing collapses, and I don't think ye can handle it.

  6. Almost the same story as Buffet. 1 trade/deal away from being completely ruined. Saved by a few bailout/restructured debt deals. More luck than skill. Could have easily turned out the OTHER way.

  7. I thought it was a great interview! Most stuff I hear nowadays is negative and there are a lot of things being said on the tube that’s just noise. Don’t get me wrong, somethings that have been said have some truth in it. However, only thing that I would like is for the people that see flaws in the system and have some experience in these areas, why not do something about it by informing the people that have control over the outcome. Too much divide and conquer going on, the truths lie in the middle.

  8. Just shows me what I knew already and that is that John Paulson was shorting the sub prime derivative market while also pushing to start all this BS money printing at the Federal Reserve.

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