1. I asked a friend how bitcoin is still in business… and he was "well it's great for drug dealers and drug money…otherwise it would be gone!" (not sure if that is sure but you can take the subway in Boston with bitcoin.

  2. hello people,i just want to tell you to make sure a broker is 100% legit before investing

    i was a victim trading with a fake broker and i invested $6800,at first it was going smoothly but then i couldn't withdraw my funds then a friend suggested a hacker who recovered all of my scammed money and refunded to me after some questions and proof of payment my scammed money was refunded within 24hours,i can not be too grateful to david.

    you can email him davidellisgerman@gmail,com

  3. Last year I received and email, scamming me for bitcoins as payment. I received an email from MYSELF, they hacked the site, used my own name to send myself an email, threatening me with a "porn" video of myself because they "hacked" my video cam on my computer. Well, right off the back I knew that was fake because I dont own a video camera, not one on my PC either. They threatened to release my video to all my friends and family unless I paid them 10 bitcoins worth of money, seeing the cost of each bitcoin at the time it would've been 7 million dollars in real cash. LOL. I reported myself and blocked myself.

  4. I invested in a brand new 'Happy Days' TV series with Henry Winkler. I lost all of my money. Turns out it was a 'Fonzie' scheme. Badddda Baddddda booom booooom Tsssschhhhhhh!!!!

  5. You have the most lovely speaking voice – but my goodness do you ever sleep ? Lol thank you for all your amazing channels – education with class – even business- thank you 🙏

  6. Why illegally hack? If those people are smart enough to know how to hack then they should go get a job that could pay well into the six figures…illegally hacking isn't the answer when you can legally and ethically hack for companies and fix flaws in their systems…and make a hell of a lot of money doing it!!! To all you black hats out there….go get a job!!!

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