The Bitcoin Chart They DON'T Want You to See

There is a bitcoin chart that few people know about – quite possibly they would rather you not see this chart. It shows bitcoin in an importantly different way as we …


  1. guys don’t blow all your savings on trading if you don’t have the right information on earning from these coins…trading is tricky and painful when you lose money so i urge you to be careful..i am talking from experience

  2. Man, your video and info went viral: other youtubers and digital magazines are referencing you because of this video. Now you see how many other sources of information also follow you. Congrats, keep it up!

  3. I appreciate the Line Break candlestick style. However, you are comparing a POST-HALVING 2017-2018 to a PRE-HALVING 2019.

    I do not understand why I keep seeing people relating the drop in 2018 during the crypto winter to our current pre-halving state.

    It would be like taking a survey before a presidential election and then after the election, using them as a comparison, which is INACCURATE.

    We can retrace to the 6600 price level at the 128 day MA, and STILL BE BULLISH.
    Or… can consider that a 30%-50% short-term loss is greater than a 1000% long-term gain but my math doesn't see it that way.

    2 green days, or one very large green day looks like an inverse head and shoulders forming with the last should to go before exploding out.
    Thank you for the advice on the Line Break though, but it would be more prudent to compare similar time frames (such as pre-halving 2016 to current pre-halving 2019)

  4. Alessio, in your line break chart analysis why you don't mention that BTC remains above ema200, ema100, Bollinger basis, and in the BTC-EUR chart even above ema60???
    People make too much noise about BTC oscillations, which are normal for something that's been defined the new gold. However nobody mention the poor Ethereum which has NOTHING below supporting it and nobody is creating panic among Ethereum holders!!!… but who cares about Ethereum, right? people just care about the new gold, that alone should give you a clue of the BTC value… and if BTC is the new gold generating so much noise, it can't be that bad getting it at a low price…. so you all review your psychology.

  5. Except one thing.. Your comparing a peak which is lower than the previous parabolic run, to the previous parabolic runs which were all time Highs ten times the previous parabolic run! It's not really the same, just zoom out a bit, your looking too micro at this thing.

  6. You're a breath of freshair AR! How quickly we all forget the lessons of the past. Even if BTC is allegedly being manipulated by CME they can't control the longterm movements of Bitcoin. I'm just waiting until we hit below 5k to see how the market responds. Great wokr 🙂 Again!

  7. Alessio, Here's another little secret. Alt coins are nothing but a distraction. People use crypto for investment purposes. They want a return faster than a 401k. Only the crypto nerds care about utility and all the little details. Nobody wants to invest in some second rate, spin off coin. They want the real deal. They want bitcoin. I don't see alt coins being truly relevant for a very long time. So when BTC bottoms out (again) at 3000-4000, stock up, ignore alt coins, and wait for the next surge. Thank me later.

  8. Alessio with another insightful video! You need to be included in the next Market Wizards book! (if he does one). Question though, how does this affect the wildcard possibility?

  9. Every time BTC abrupty surges, it always comes back down. It doesn't take a genius to notice this fact. In January 2018 we went from 3000 to 20000, then slowly back down to 3000. Now we went from 3000 to 14000. We're at 8000 now. Does anyone honestly believe the fall is over? It's not. We'll see 6000 soon. And I would not be surprised to eventually return to 3000. I honestly hope we do because I will be loading up for the next surge. I sure as hell am NOT buying $8000 BTC. Genuine BTC growth only occurs gradually over time. The surges are all hype. Only good for a quick buck.

  10. Analysis without context is doomed to fail. This is why history often rhymes but rarely repeats which Alessio seems to implying could happen this time around. My reasons, why Bitcoin will blast off by December to 16k:
    a) Bitcoin halving event in May (it's getting pulled earlier and earlier due to higher hash rates), and Bitcoin historically has had 2 up waves before each halving event. The unique characteristics of these waves – first wave is the most powerful one and also is followed by a steep drop and a long consolidation. We did our first wave from 3k to 14k, and had a steep drop to 8k. The second wave is generally shallow (see 2012 and 2016). In none of the two instances that Alessio shared was a halving event in less than a year. All that price action was POST halving – 2013 (2012 halving) and 2017 (2016 halving)
    b) Federal reserve and all central banks are once again in mass QE ($200B increase in balance sheet just in 1 month!!). Source:
    c) Overall crypto sentiment is extremely negative – as shown by negative funding rates in derivative markets which means the herd is expecting a drop (what are the odds that herd is ever right)? You can technically leverage up by 5-10% and make 20-30% annual interest rate on BTC longs simply because of too many shorts. This is obviously not sustainable. Which means the market has to move up to move rates to positive (to make it cost to long).

    You read it here. $7800 was the bottom, and we will never see BTC go below that.

  11. Correlation is not causation. You and I really do not know which way it is going any more that you can predict where a hurricane is going to hit. All we know is hurricanes are going to form and Bitcoin is likely to continue its overall trend of growth. I had to click off as your confidence is a RED flag and should be for any sane person.

  12. Hello Alecio I am new in this channel please I just wonder what exchange or brokers do you recommend to trade bitcoin and others crypto currency in USA. Thanks.

  13. Your chart is incomplete. It just shows a bearish sentiment.  PLEASE, on your daily line break chart add ema60 (in EUR chart), ema100, ema200 and Bollinger basis and you all see that on the line break daily chart current BTC price still remains bullish.

  14. U know we are about to "halving" , right? So….manipulation? Weak hands…accumulation? Says something? Also u are confusing the beginning of a normal bear market ( after the ath to almost 20k so the end of the bull market) with the beginning of the new bull market ( now…🤔, after the bottom 3xxx and a normal raise with normally retrace up the way ) . We are still at the beginning of the new bull cycle. Accumulation fase it's happening( may even drop to 5k area) it's doesn't matter. We are all expecting the catalyst for the big run. May be the halving, TON , or Libra( if will born…) who knows … only the big players will decide…

  15. Interesting new insight! Agree on Sunny Decree his reaction video that it is kinda late to bring it up for the first time, buy still, better late than never.
    I was wondering, does the timing of repeating this pattern matter, since this is early bull market compared with end 2017 late bull market (Bob Loukas his 4 year cycle view)? Or do you see that differently?

  16. The Price of the Bitcoin cannot go below $ 8015 as a Weekly or Monthly Body Close (not the Wicks) until December 31st 2019. Besides all resistance in Moving Averages, The Main resistance levels are $ 12893, $ 22125, $ 27024.

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