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The Bitcoin Experiment – Following the global economic crisis, more and more people are questioning the way global markets function. Some are turning to …


  1. For those unaware: This doc. mentions that 3,600 new coins are put into circulation per day. This number was reduced to 1,800/day in 2016, and again to 900/day as of May '20.

  2. the documentation is from 2015, in 2020 you can spend crypto with a VISA Debit including Cashback in crypto. Or use other services, everyday there are more to come.

  3. The only way BTC scales is by a theory of LN – offchain. It is highly susceptible to attack as the avg tx can have as much as 80 hops. Bitcoin was brilliant because onchain tx has avg of 1.80 hops.

    Bitcoin scales on chain. The only bitcoin that is capable of massive throughput is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

    Compete with 7txs/sec at your own risk.

    “In the Information Age markets can change as fast as minds can change” -George Gilder

  4. Missing points: Custody of private keys is challenging — requires a lot of knowledge and skill beyond the level of common people. Mining algorithms on bitcoin (not blockchain) are wasteful and not decentralized. Fees are too high for the use case he's chasing. Inflation control is key. A similar deep-dive in the Proof-of-Stake blockchain realm — and the solutions it brings would be a good follow-up.

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