1. 0:55 Oil Below Zero – Juan Galt

    3:00 Oil Below Zero – Ben Arc

    4:25 Oil Below Zero – Dan Eve

    7:14 Exit question – Price of Bitcoin next week?

    10:49 Crypto Scams – Ben

    16:22 Crypto Scams – Dan

    20:41 Crypto Scams – Juan

    24:50 Exit question – Favorite crypto scam?

    33:44 The 2020 Bitcoin Halvening – Dan

    36:08 The 2020 Bitcoin Halvening – Juan

    38:10 The 2020 Bitcoin Halvening – Ben

    41:46 Exit question – Is it halving or halvening?

    44:44 Prediction or story of the week – Ben

    50:09 Prediction or story of the week – Juan

    52:06 Prediction or story of the week – Dan

  2. I don't think I speak only for myself, when I say WE MISS THE DAILY THS SHOW WITH YOU AND DAN. I don't know what happened- But if it was one of those "Old school" WCN dudes who was giving you shit for "Changing the course of the show"(And this is only a complete assumption on my part) All I can say is I hope you give em' the big ol' middle finger and decide to start doing them regularly again.

    Here's the thing: There's only so much you can talk about BTC everyday. It was a nice change of pace by introducing what was going on in the world. There are a LOT of different facets that we need to talk about and contemplate in relation to Cryptos, and your call-in show was creating a stage to entertain these ideas on- What was great about all that as well, was everyone who could share and respectfully disagree.

    Anyways, I hope you reconsider doing them again, I know wasn't the only one enjoying them. There was that other fellow who called in one morning and thought the same! If people don't like the way it was going, they'll shake themselves out. Over time new blood will arrive, I felt like you had an awesome recipe going.

    Anyways, Hope all is well and you and yours are hanging in there. Peace brother!

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