The BITCOIN Halving (HYPE) is OVER. Here's what to expect NEXT. MAJOR Crypto Hedge Fund up BILLIONS

Now that the Bitcoin Halving Hyper Train has pulled in and is complete, we can finally have a clear(er) view of what is on the horizon of the future. Today we will …


  1. So the fedbank can setup a Special Purpose Vehicle to manipulate the system of corporate bailouts with no requirement for companies to keep workers or stopping them from stock buybacks or changing their dividends? Aren't these the same people that prefer the capitalist society of supply-demand to the socialist society?…doesn't that mean they should be forced like regular people to take high interest loans when their credit is junk or face asset liquidation? Will the fed then give every person a bond to pay off their mortgage at an interest rate of 1.5%? How can you create an SPV when you have a conflict of interest by owning and buying excessive amounts of these same companies JUST BEFORE THE CRASH Sept thru Dec.? Should we just wait for the government to tie its own hands by voting for the noncompete clause with private conpanies? What is really happening here?

  2. On Friday the price had shot up by 6.24% in anticipation of the halving. “The entire market capitalization or value of the cryptocurrency market had jumped by more than $ 13 billion from the day before, as of around 1:39 p.m. Singapore time. That move had been largely driven by bitcoin which makes up most of that figure. The value of the entire market stood at $ 268.07 billion,” says CNBC

  3. What about ICX I think this will be a top 10 listed crypto asset in a few small years. They have amazing projects and the cnbc national Bank of South Korea are already thinking about to use there block chain Iconloop before the end of the year.

  4. What you guys don't understand is debt and the velocity of money….. banks control the velocity of money through the amount of money they lend….they are not lending it to YOU….. they are lending it to hedge funds, banks, and businesses and that is how you can control hyperinflation. if you don't believe me look at the amount of printing that has been done since 2000 the US has been basically in a low interest rate environment since 2003…. have we experienced hyperinflation?? NO!!

  5. 09:18 people's suspension of disbelief will become broken (in fiat currency). but it will take some time because there is a lot of financial ignorance. when that happens become will seek a currency that is more grounded. 13:04 there are reports from the fed that are acknowledging the accelerating inequality from this crisis and the democrats house are working on bills for direct payments to individuals. the problem with consistent direct payments is though I think it will erode belief in a fiat currency faster and create inflation faster, because companies will be bummed out that they didnt receive stimulus when main street did, so they will increase their prices to get a share.

  6. I have a suspicion that BTC might not go down like it did after previous 2 halving coz so many people expect it. It always does the opposite of what the herd expects. I dont care either way, as my position is set and i do not daytrade, but if all the crypto youtubers talk about buying the dip, it is unlikely to happen. Plus, there is just so much buying pressure now that it couldnt even stay below the $8,500 resistance.

  7. Now that bitcoin halving has actually occurred, before now it has been very favorable for the bullish, because the anticipation of the event helped drive bitcoin price higher in the past few weeks from a low around 4,100dollars in mid-march to just under 10,000dollars on May 6. But price has fallen back to about 8,700dollars. Henceforth, majority of traders will lose money trying to time the market moves.

  8. Thanks for the great content. But im not sure why you would own ripple xrp. It may be a good way to move currency around but I dont believe its a Hodler.
    BTC all the way. Etherium another hopeful. Cheers

  9. The fed can print to infinity – they can do whatever they want – the problem lies in the principles of sound money (2 main principles) – what will happen when the fed debases the usd to great length – foreigners will no longer want usd – would u want usd if it was being debased? The free market will always usher in the best sound money – we have bitcoin now – so the fed will go out guns ablazin

  10. BTC will moon only when we all give up on it mooning. That's how the markets work
    Why are all shorts getting rekt on Wall Street? Bc it "should" be tanking, that's why it won't. Markets don't give anyone a "layup". They are here to inflict maximum pain on everyone
    BTC didn't moon for the halving bc everyone expected it to. We are hardwired to lose money in markets. It's Hard to do the opposite of what u feel.
    I wanted to buy more btc at 10k due to FOMO, but I clinched up my butt cheeks and sold 10%

  11. This is the best channel comparing traditional markets to cryptos on YT today. The reason I know is because of the idiotic CCP trolls that want to debate me against buying crypto as if that type of methodology, which is only backed by idiotic idealogy, will somehow magically brainwash anyone reading the comments section here. I'm super excited about the crypto space, and am laughing everyday at the Communist trolls YT has let loose on their platform. Keep going strong Digital Asset News!

  12. What do I think? I think if you have grapes everywhere so many in fact you are stepping on them with every step , you will no longer want grapes.

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  14. The reason hyperinflation isn't a big concern, at least for now and especially for USD, is because its the global reserve currency.

    There is an economic term, the triffen dilemma which basically describes a paradox between economic interests. Put simply it essentially means that the national interest with regards to currency, is to keep supply limited to avoid inflation but the global demand for USD necessities enough currency to service global demands. Right now every other developed nation NEEDS USD in order to buy recourse and the US military and the OPEC oil cartel work to keep that demand for dollars high.

    So theoretically the FED could print indefinitely, so long as inflation doesn't outpace global demand, and never worry about hyperinflation.

    Here's the caveat tho. We've all see what's happening with OPEC. Global demand for oil is at historic lows and supply has increased. This naturally means that demand for dollars is somewhat lower than It otherwise would be. Add on top of this recent development the geopolitical issues where many other nations are sick and tired of needing dollars to pay for resources and service debt….of China, Russia, Saudi, Iran, North Korea etc all get together and form some sort of pack to transact in some other currency then the dollar will no longer the the global reserve currency. And all those dollars circulating abroad will undoubtedly migrate back to the US in which case hyperinflation will become a much more serious risk. I'm not a monetary expert but I assume the FED would need to reduce supply drastically in this hypothetical scenario and im not sure what tools they have at their disposal to do this.

  15. Bitcoin is a new leading indicator for the S&P, BTC will fall before the normal markets, so when you see a dip in BTC get you a vertical Debt PUT Spread on SPY and get that 100%, its free money!

  16. Thank you talking about futures. These guys control the price. Buy on cash sell when rising to drop prices and buy again physical. This manipulation was not part of the plan. Wish created where single entity cant own certain amount to control manipulation. Say after certain amount it degrades making it not worth the time to create 100s of wallets to be a whale . Wishful thinking

  17. My 90% feeling is stock market will crash and so Cryto will have similar pull back, but 10% i feel that Crypto will decouple from traditional market as money will flow from traditional to Bitcoin & few altcoins.

  18. Dibyte is on a bullrun get it while its cheap..its been a month now…and it rallied 1000%. I dont know why but major excanges..coz they cant manipulated aa truly decentralized coin..much more decentralized than bitcoin..and people are adopting it now thats why its continuosly growing

  19. The Treasury is now in control of the Federal Reserve. Look into it, happened a few weeks ago. I think their going to load the FED up with all the debt and move to a sound money system that the people control.

  20. Hi i am new , 18 years i have seen this phrase dollor average woukd you kindly explain. Thanks i am trying hard to kestn any links for great places i can learn crypto ..thanks

  21. I know as soon as i make a good profit i will sell all. It stinks now biljonairs get in bitcoin. They are going to controle the market now. Like they controling everything.

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