Today we are talking about the bitmex lawsuit and the implications this will have for the crypto space as a whole. USEFUL LINKS: Top 3 Bitcoin Trading …


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  3. Hey Arthur Hayes, I'm for hire. For only $1 million I'll make the IRS or SEC or whatever, go away. They don't mess with me anymore. When IRS branch sends me some tax papers, I respond with counter-demand, and then NEVER hear from that branch again.

    PLUS, my bank account is EXEMPT from levy so the IRS CAN'T touch it. They had a $200k lien against me but never touched my bank account

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  5. What do u think it will take for us to get to a point where crypto is considered similar to cash where if I were to give me brother or a friend 100$ there’s no tax taken out of that I don’t have to kyc. Does that make any sense? Or do u think they will never allow that and maybe not all but certain ones that are considered currency’s or money like reserve rights or maybe btc

  6. Thanks dude. Would you ever do a collaboration with another youtuber. Like beers and crypto podcast with tyler from chico crypto. I would listen to that for an hour or two.

  7. Very strange thing that this happened just few days after the JP Morgan scandal. Why they don't focus on that? Which has far bigger ramifications within the world's economies…

  8. The CFTC is only there to protect the real crooks who are "authorised to steal" by the CFTC..!
    remember HSBC had their banks down in mexico make the "payment window" large enough to accept "suitcases" filled with cash from the cartels..and for that they got a fine and NO ONE went to jail. This is a case of Jealousy by "wall street" against the Bitmex crooks…stealing their lunch money.
    I have no illusions that all the other exchanges are colluding to fix prices as well…last time there was a serious crash in Bitcoin, something 5 exchanges went "offline" for maintenance??

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