1. Great video, The concept of trading bitcoins and cryptocurrency as a whole was to me a big sham and i would rather have a few coins and hodl until i got into some serious problem and needed a bailout. What got into my head immediately was to sell the little i had which was just above 2 btc but then, I don’t know if i should call it coincidence or a divine help, i was having a conversation at work and a colleague I don’t even roll with talked about his portfolio and how it has grown enormously because he trades using Ramirez Benson signals and then i asked for his contact (Ramirezbensonn@gmailcom) and decided to give it a try. After talking with Ramirez, we started off by having some basic but very important points on how to be successful in trading. Next thing he gave me free signals to try on demo and the result was encouraging. Finally, i started trading for real with his signals and instructions and u didn’t have to convert my coins to fiat in other to resolve my issues because in just 2 weeks, my return on investment was over 300%. Meeting Ramirez was my own miracle and i am grateful to him and my colleague the contact. I also want all to know about him because using his signals can have very positive life changing results in your financial stand.

  2. it would involve an API but you can probably make an app that would trade the crypto for the clients, however if anything was lost you would be responsible unless they signed a waiver. its an accessibility versus security option, i would look into red hat containers to do it if you are interested, its what JP morgan is doing with the new Facebook global coin.

  3. Guys – the whole Tate program is a scam. If these guys are making a lot of money through Bitcoin or their other business ventures, then why charge other people or show them how to make money? If you’re making hella money, then go enjoy your riches. Btw- bitcoin is a gambling bet than an investment strategy.

  4. What a load of absolute nonsense, fair enough your e-pimp webcam business is smart and you make a lot of money in that, everything else is complete shite designed to rip off insecure little betas. Bitcoin trading, body language, fucking lip reading PMSL. You would have to have a subzero IQ to buy that shit.

  5. Obviously if he's making so much money he doesn't need to sell advice for chump change. This is hilarious. As he's clearly offering financial advice, it'll be interesting to watch how this plays out. For anyone reading this, buy BTC and just HODL. If you're stupid enough to buy this, download the video in case it gets taken down as proof of these promises.

  6. The best is his lip reading course lmao. I'd actually pay to know how many actually paid for that. I'd be shocked if it was more then 1 or 2 dweebs

  7. The guy is probably using 2015 footage of his junkyard lambo. LOL. Credors took that shit from him already. Lol, go SCAM somewhere else bro. Still you are funny as fuck.

  8. Bro, just beacause you got a 2003 lambo that you saved from a junkyard it doesn't make you sucessful or rich. LOL. Your riches are as legit as your "world titles" LMAO. I can smell from miles you are a broke ass. Your content is shit, but you might still have a career considering the comedic value.

  9. Excuse my ignorance but how does a trade hold its value in money to earn on betting against the market if (hypothetically) you have 100s of these subscribers all doing the exact same trade?

  10. People don't understand hes not a sell out hes not a scammer hes a fucking millionaire success ain't free if you're not willing to risk buying the course don't buy it sit in your dead end job scratching your balls for the rest of your life wondering how and why people around you are driving a lambo with a 7 in the passenger seat. Give him a chance learn from him if you don't buy it hes still going to be a millionaire and youre still going to be broke he 100% holds the key to your success. Ps when Andrew says he had nothing before he found success that is true his parents his sister and Tristan had nothing.

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