The Dark Truth About Bitcoin (Bitcoin Mining Explained)

If you’ve ever wondered how Bitcoin really works and what the potential risks are, you’re in the right place. Subscribe to TheHub Have you …


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  2. Simon_hack31 �𝓃 !G is a pro, I'm super excited he got me 7btc in my wallet. he is damn amazing and his service are at affordable price tested and trusted!!

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  5. gamer here…the only time there'd even be a chance of me considering going anywhere near crypto mining and/or crypto currency is if i were to be reimbursed for the increased electric bill and repair/replacement costs of parts for the pc in question. but, that's not how crypto mining works is it? it's $ $ $ consequences and damage caused be damned.

    to any crypt mining scum who see this comment: how is the perpetual shortage of pc parts and inflated prices your greed causes doing these days?

    tbph, i hate crypto miners and the damage they cause far more than the likes of EA or any other AAA game company. at least they don't run up electric bills and harm the economy for others to get more money.

    there's pretty much no actual good upside to crypto mining as far as i'm concerned.

  6. This video has a fair amount of miss information and miss leading.

    One example:
    The price goes up and down because change of 1 user divided by the amount of users is much bigger than, let's say, the euro. The more mainstream it gets, the more it gets stable

  7. Utter bullshit! When was the last time you bought weed with Bitcoin, drug dealers only take CASH DOLARS! Also I mine with S9's and make 20$ a day and it cost very little power. Just dont be a dipshit like the maker of this video.

  8. Wow…. Thanks for such an informative video. I will trust the government and the banks now especially government's favoured cartel central banks. You were so helpful reminding us to "gladly trade a little freedom for a little security". Clearly you are a BRIGHT because you and your friends are quite a bit smarter than the rest of us. I am sure there is a lucrative future for you making more helpful videos like this one to endear us all to our overlords who would never "taking much more than their fair share". Big governments and central banks are always looking out for the little guys and they would never mismanage currency or bankrupt economies. We should all be sure to pay as much taxes as we can and always make sure the government knows everything we are doing; because if we do not give them full support they might not get their fledgling operation off the ground. Now let us all bow and worship our dear leader.

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