The Dramatic Birth of Hive ft They Call Me Dan | Crypto Investing with Louis Thomas Ep #3

In this episode of the Cryptocurrency Investing podcast, we’ll be talking to They Call Me Dan about the very contentious origins of Hive, the web 3.0 social media …


  1. Dan is a crypto god
    Shame he waisted so much time and money in steem , his old videos a the best crypto vids on YouTube and you can learn so much from them
    When I started in crypto Dan showed me the way

  2. I went into EOS big-time, Dan was quiet when he got out of his position. I love Dan's mentality! He's been super wrong on his calls tho. Great content as always, great guest.

  3. There's no doubt hive is filled with a lot of great people. I'm a part of it and it's a great community, but how do you not ask the most glaring question?

    Which is: What changes if any has hive made to prevent another hostile takeover? The steem ninja mine is gone, but centralized exchanges with large amounts of hive are still a threat to the chain. Is the plan just endless forks? What about a rogue witness or a group of them? Also, does the ability to freeze funds still remain on the hive chain? ie. Can witnesses soft fork and freeze funds of any user? These are 2 huge flaws I see with dpos and I wish you dove deeper into this.

  4. Dan is a one in a million guy. He made me a shit ton of money in 17' and because of my greed and lack of experience I lost everything but the journey was worth more than the money could have ever provided me.

  5. I like Dan a lot. He puts his money where his mouth is. When Justin tried to takeover Steem, with the help of some exchanges, they didn't think of people like Dan, who don't let people ruin their vision. The Steem community moved to Hive and now Justin is left with exactly what he deserves.

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