The Emperor of Bitcoin on Why He Thinks BSV Will Win, and Why BTC Lacks Imagination

The Numpties discuss bitcoin with Daniel Krawisz. We start with the Austrian understanding of money, why Bitcoin fulfills the regression theorem, why big blocks …


  1. Watched every CW video I could find and read his book twice. Maybe I am crazy but I find him sane and ethical & a genius in game theory and The Art of War. Inviting a competitor to Thai prison or bankruptcy is hilarious, antlers and all…

  2. The expected future value of bitcoin is reflected in the current price. If you choose to pay in dollars rather than bitcoin for the reason that "bitcoin will be worth more in the future". Then you should also immediately spend all of your dollars to buy bitcoin until 1: you run out of dollars 2: the exchange rate reflects your assumption of future value.

  3. if steve wants to go around spending his bitcoin to get merchants to accept bitcoin, that's great, let him. But I know I'll be out here saving my bitcoin and paying in fiat where I can..

  4. 1:30:00 no it's not too bad, that someone else did not manage to beat him to it. This way of thinking is petty and of course missing real history. The fact that all the other established big blockers from development to business teams were not able to pull off a fork and basically dont take initiative or plaid all their initial cards in a wrong manner, was the motivator for someone like Amaury to take action and create that fork. As I understand he was working on BU before he left for ABC? What does that tell you? that he 'wants to control a fork'? or that he simply realized that a fork either won't happen or be dead at arrival. Now tell me, after realizing other teams will lose, before the teams knew it themselves; and with these teams and individuals ignoring him, he simply took it in his hands.

    And clearly without this initiative, NO ONE would even sit here and talk about any of this, as there would not have been a working fork to begin with. There is a reason no one beat him to it and any single one of you should respect his contribution, and that does make him a de facto leader, when everybody else with more connections, money and supposedly similar skillsets were not able to pull it off. As long as we don't get more de facto leaders who are able to compete in productivity and valuable >judgement and decision making<, it's just the reality you live in and the last person to be criticized for that is the emergent leader.

    That IS one of the few events where one could assign merit to a lead dev. One that you can rely on and add into your decision making.
    Essentially you'd rather ignore all of it and simply turn it around by saying: "too bad no one in our midst has had the ability to pull off what Amaury did, multiple times actually. We should get rid of this guy, so the failures in our midst don't look as bad anymore" yeah well sorry to tell you, without his judgement and control which is nothing but >emergent leadership< (an idea held high by almost no one it seems) you wouldn't even sit here trying your luck tinckering on BSV. Your leaders all hicced up in the very first lap and not only that, Amaury was reacting to the results of the first lap, while all the other racers didn't even realize how much they are behind.

    Creg can claim all he wants that Jihan fucked him over and that is the only reason he wasn't able to save bitcoin or whatever. Anyone can come up with anything, at the end of the day only one guy you can be sure of did some thing right and to this day is either not getting adjudge merit, any support besides a small circle of builders and even getting slack for all of it? As we can see in this video very well, just like internals in a company, people started working for their first time in a highly efficient environment, be it a kitchen or a car manufactory attack their leader in the weirdest ways, for what are actually the base qualities the lead of the company should have.

  5. Did they spend 20 mins disagreeing instead of just mentioning spend and replace. You don't buy a $20 pizza with Bitcoin when you believe it's $200 or more in future value. But if you feel making purchases in Bitcoin can help grow the network and increase the value of your stack in some small way, your incentive is to spend and replace asap. You are indeed only spending fiat yet contributing.

  6. On the topic of saving. If I buy Apple stock I save it until I can sell it to use. I don't try to use my Apple stock to purchase items. It does not make it more valuable if I can use it as a currency.

  7. "Savings is the primary function of money".
    No it isn't. It is medium of exchange! We aquire money in order to spend it on needs and wants. The sole purpose of the monetary system is prepetual consuming. It is why there is programmed obsolecence.

  8. I fully support Steve's view that merchant adoption is a positive attribute for anything that wants to be money. Bitcoin grew from $1 in value to $20,000 in value largely due to increased merchant adoption and mainstream TV coverage. Plenty of new technologies have failed because a small techy geek class "thinks" they have something so great that the mainstreamers will be forced to adopt, but they don't.

    That said, I could see a whole new class of businesses emerging on Bitcoin that are superior to their competitors, and which can't be provided without using Bitcoin. Twetch is a good example. Maybe that's what Daniel meant but it didn't come across that way.

  9. What lack in the discussion is the "price to hold": the price the seller will not sell to because it is too low and the seller will keep the good for his own personal use.

    Savers have a "price to hold" money. The price to hold of money is the purchasing power.
    Less money they have, higher the price to hold will go.
    As their savings grow, their marginal price to hold go down, until they start spending it in things with lower priority.

  10. If you are in BTC and realise early the issues then its profitiable to move BSV rather than increase the block size on BSV… But it isnt beyond possible

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