1. When are you going to put things in your store on sale ? P.s I know you previously said you wouldn’t do a pre made bug out bag/roll but the time is now the price wouldn’t stop real people for purchasing even if they have to save up for plzz reconsider and help us help are selfs.

  2. This video was well thought out and analyzed….made me think outside of the box…just came from prepping at the store…and yes, please make more videos like this!!

  3. The only people "sitting on money" is the 1% who HOARD the wealth. The rest of us reinvest it back into our societies. But as the wealth desparity between us and them grows and grows, the currency loses its value.

    In short "Eat the rich"

  4. HOMESCHOOLING CHILDREN IS FAR BETTER THAN THE PROGRAMMING THE 'SYSTEM OF EDUCATION' DOES TO THEM TODAY! THEY PROGRAM THEIR AGENDAS INTO YOUR KIDS FROM DAY 1. The teachers are programmed in college, so they think it's normal and for the "childs own good" . They teach them the load of politically motivated bologna that is put out as fact but has actually just been repeated so many years that the term "theory" got dropped and now it's accepted as fact, when it is NOT fact. It's ALL theory. TEACH YOUR KIDS AT HOME OR YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TURN YOUR CHILDREN OVER TO A GOVERNMENT BASED PROGRAM LIKE THE 'SCHOOLS' ARE TODAY. THE AMISH HOMESCHOOL FOR A REASON- PROTECTION FOR THEIR CHILDREN. Schools program child minds to think that what you teach them as parents is wrong and what they teach them is right and normal because all the kids around them are programmed as well, so they think it all must be true. Your child's view is that their parents who are suppose to love them wouldn't send them to school if the teachers weren't telling them the truth, but the teachers teach Common Core Curriculum which is a government funded agenda program. 
    Our children are grown and all homeschool due to the junk science and lies they remember they were fed in school and told it was true. After many years in public and private education, I am sad at what I have seen them teaching in schools today as truth and "normal". It's programming, and they want your kids people! If they get them programmed when they are young, they have them for life. It is culture shifting long term using kids. Sad.

  5. America began to collapse economically on September 16, 2019, when the Federal Reserve had to begin intervening in the repo markets after their overnight lending rate spiked greatly above 8%. This had nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic…

  6. Believing the usual just so story about money will hurt you, come shtf. Anthropology focused on ancient Sumeria and Greece have given us far better means of understanding money than the ideology that is liberalism.

  7. With my kids doing at home online education, I have to disagree with some of your points, they hate it and fight it daily, instead of embracing it. If I did not see it for myself, I would have totally agreed with you blindly, makes sense.

  8. Jesus is the only salvation.
    Fear is the opposite of faith.

    I read the comments and a lot of fear for the future.
    I fear only for your lost souls.

    You'll be judged allright.. but not by man.
    But before that you will be ruled with iron fists by the anti christ.

  9. High population density equates to greater surveillance and control ability. Could you imagine how difficult it would be for a very small limited police force to enforce lock downs over 10 million people over a 500km radius. Squeeze them into one city 5-10 kilometres long and all of a sudden you just need to monitor a few highways going in and out. Im not arguing for or against this, just simply stating an observation.

  10. Hi CP,

    Thank you for your videos. I enjoy your balanced, informed presentations.

    1 possible improvement… The USD is a fiat currency. not money. Need physical silver or gold for that.

  11. Pretty astute thoughts to my way of thinking, I for one would like to see more of this, I'm an Aussie, a lot of what's happening in the USA has happened on a much smaller scale here, most Aussies don't think we are in trouble, but, my parents used to say, when America sneezes the world catches a cold.. .. ..

  12. Thank you for your refreshing and honest thoughts on mental health. I'm American. They want people to be sick and feel powerless because that's how they make their money and when nothing improves, you can guarantee a steady supply of customers as the previous ones "drop off."

  13. @14:25 you walk out side your house onto your drive way about 1/2 an hour after sundown.
    Camera on power pole alerts police.
    Drone with capture net , speaker and mic , lowers before you and demands
    "Citizen – why are you outside your domicile ? ! ! "

  14. We all argue about the system and some of us vote, but how many actually do a damn thing to change your own world (your thoughts, your household, your neighborhood, your community)

  15. If things keep progressing with Twitter, Facebook, and Google, then people will move to the Dark Web. Make sure that you know how to use a VPN and the TOR Browser.

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