1. We now know that Cambridge Analytica had no collusion with Russia, and that they didn't misuse Facebook data.
    Feel free to look it up.

  2. The producers are Muslim, what a surprise it's against Trump !!!
    The woman with the British accent, How is your Britain today with so much democracy??? London looks like Islamabad.

  3. The irony of us all talking about this on YT and other social media is bitter. There are alternatives, but without critical mass they aren't credible. Yet all they need is critical mass. Why are we still here?

  4. I saw the documentary …must say that the things which were happening in trump election in 2016….same was happening in india in modi election fake news about many prominent leaders of many different parties was spreading….even the freedom fighter our first prime minister was defamed….he was accused of having aids but he died in 1964 and aids disease was discovered in 1983. Through aids they were trying to say that Jawaharlal Nehru was a womanizer..
    But I must point out that that in one scene of the office of CEO of Cambridge analytica there is a photo of India Congress party symbol hang on the wall

  5. Well duuuuuuuh..tv's been doing it for years😆 "well tv doesnt know my info!" *subliminal messages??….maaaan they been tryna mr. Smith us for awhile now..tryna get the codes for zion ha

  6. Uh huh. Of course, it's only being used by "the right"
    Defintely not by the left, antifa, blm and it's ilk.

    You're trying to explain away genuine dislike of "progressive" bs by claiming everyone is just brainwashed and manipulated.

    This belittling is not going ot help your cause. People didnt vote brexit or trump because of their facebook feed.

  7. Why does anyone give a shit about this? The liberal media influences people every single day. In fact, they are the ones that put this documentary together lol. Get REAL people. Do research!

  8. As soon as something as ridiculous as Brexit went though, I knew something bigger was going on. It was always a way too big decision for the UK to make on just 1 vote, when soo many issues in the UK are never even able to be voted for.

  9. IT companies collect the data so that they can show what you were looking for , for example you search about mobiles then these companies will try to show you ads related it that. I suppose it is not that bad until unless the data is being sold to some evil corporations

  10. No matter how many conspiracy theories you watch, ultimately the only person that's publicly displaying your data is yourself. If some stranger figures out where you live, it's not facebooks fault, it's yours for not adjusting your privacy settings.

    All of this background mined data is used by algorithms to make a service work, it's not shared in a manner that would make you identifiable. For example: Google maps traffic would not exist without data sharing, nor would many of the aps you take for granted today.

    The only time your private identifiable data would be shared would be with law enforcement, in this instance everybody would want your data shared.

    Data sharing is not the enemy here, people are. If someone makes a social network that discriminates against a group of people then the problem is the creator of that social network, not privacy laws and data sharing.

  11. 1:10 Data have always been the most valuable asset on earth battles, wars could be won or lost on data. It's just that now we have the systems in place that can analyse different types of enormous data, which for humans would have been impossible.

  12. LoL as if people truly care. They're just doing this to rattle people. This has been like an open secret and still people use Facebook, Youtube, Google. There's really little you can do. Can you quit Google? When they have theor hands on basicallly everything including smartphones?

  13. Like I said before anyone that uses social media and doesn't think they are being tracked is a complete fool it's time to look at destroying social media this is not helpful and destroys social interactíon. It is in fact unsocial media

  14. I feel bad for this woman she is a shill made to feel guilty with her own tricks democratic communist party will throw anyone under the bus just to get ahead what a shame

  15. Is it just me or does Netflix be a bit TOO dramatic sometimes 🥴 the music & all. I was on edge the whole time 😆🥵 like some action bout to pop off. Mark Zuckerberg bout to bust through the window or somethin 😆

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