The GunBot (Bitcoin Trading Bot) My 10 Day Review !

You can buy the Gunbot License Here Gunbot is a trading automation software for crypto-currencies . Gunbot works on five exchanges …


  1. Allison, thank you very much for such a detailed review! You have talent of the speaker! Make a review on such a bot as bibitbot (bibitbot com), this is in my best bot in trading on cryptocurrency, I wonder what you think about it!

  2. Smart as everyone else you talk a lot about trading when you are sleeping. I really don’t care about that. How much did you make? Jesus 14 mins and you cant say it? Like in 10 days I made 10 dollars a day or something like that. Wow im so annoyed.

  3. hi excuse me for what is probably a stupid question. But it says in the advert on the cryptobot website for gunbot. "Market usage: for one chosen market" for the basic version. Does that mean you choose either bittrex, or binance or whatever exchange you want? what does one chosen market mean?

  4. dude man come on nobody cares about all the bull shit a damn 5 year old can figure out does the damn bot make a profit or not and why the hell are you buying and selling if your using a robot your defeating the purpose and people wonder why they go in the market and dont come out with a profit you cant even let a robot trade without fu%king it up

  5. Allison, don't tell us the initial investment, just tell us the percentage of how much you made. Let's say that you invested 100%, how much after 10 day did you make? 110%? 150%?
    Thank you in advance! And btw good info!

  6. It would be great to do another video about the ROI. You have 0.1 BTC outlay for the software and 0.25% buy and sell exchange trade fees. I understand the bot work and it looks like the smarts are behind programming the right parameters into the bot.

    I was really surprised when you mentioned that you have Gunbot your API key. You have given him the key to your castle and communicated it over the internet. I hope it was done in a secure way.

  7. You missed the thing that 100% of people came here to see… whether or not you made an actual profit, we want to see spreadsheet of cost v risk analysis
    Not just some guy showing us a few numbers that doesn't determine the success of the bot.

    I feel that I've wasted 15 minutes just listening to you ramble about much of what I already know about this bot; and I know absolutely nothing, apart from the fact that it operates within the confines of Bollinger bands, which is seemingly about as much as you know.

    What is your initial investment?
    What is your profit daily/monthly/annually?
    What is the average that the bot spends daily?
    How many bid and sells per day does the bot do average?
    How do you set up the bot?

    This is simple basic questions that we all came here for and you have provide no answers. Well done!
    How does it compare to manual human trading?

  8. Great review, this is quality information, I will also subscribe and I will be looking forward to your future reivew and settings that you are using? Did you use the pre-configured settings that came with the bot?

  9. thank you for this review. Please continue with your reviews about gunbot for the next days. Please include the percentage of how much you have actually got in terms of profit per day. We will wait for the step-by- step tutorial particularly about setting parameters for different currencies.

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