The House impeached President Trump again — Here's what lawmakers said during the hearing

The House impeached President Donald J. Trump for a second time on Wednesday. The vote followed last week’s Capitol siege. Here’s what lawmakers said …


  1. What can we do about these Law 'MAKERS' doing saying instigating people to equivalent to their 'impeachment reasons
    That's inappropriate & should be sited & charged with Crimes!

  2. Hey, to everyone trying to compare the speed of the impeachment to the speed of covid relief: impeachment only takes a majority in the house, which Democrats have. Covid relief required a filibuster-proof 60 votes in the senate as well. These are not the same process.

  3. Trump still hasn't been charged for attempt to overturn Georgia election and threatening officials in Georgia. No future actions of this type should ever ever ever be acceptable.

  4. Plan for worst case scenario against Trump. Trump want to Nuke North Korean like Trump want to Nuke Hurricane. North Korea want no nuclear weapon in exchange for no sanction. Trump want no nuclear weapon and continue sanction. North Korea now have better nuclear weapon. Trump just failed and unable to do it, if not it will happen already. If Hitler did not commit suicide, is life time imprisonment sufficient punishment for Hitler?

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