1. I don't think the diagrams made any sense to be honest. Conventions not explained, steps ran in real time as you speak, without leaving trace of changes, etc. Sorry to be negative, I understand the process but I think this explanation is just not good.

  2. I think it would be really helpful if you explain in more detail what you are talking about from about the 1:13 mark onward. I am familiar with multisig accounts, and time locks, but fail to understand what you mean by refund. With a shared account why does Lucy need a "refund tx to her with a time lock" to send her own funds to the shared account?

  3. I'm Bittle confuse about the variance of the fees in bi-derectional animation. Please, give more datails about flow. What is the correlation about between the increase n lock times and variance of the fees in bi-derectional animation?

  4. Opened the video for lamens explanation, saw nice diagrams… then you started off with "Lucy sends Alex directly…" so I grabbed my popcorn and buckled up. The next 7 minutes was "漢zaf語fadf語ж耳з目fк語лмнéпрстф"

    Give it another go dood

  5. This explains a complicated turd very well. This is a crap solution. I go in to get coffee and have to do the Butthole Surfers song Pepper and carry the two. WTF.

  6. The elephant in the room is: what happens to bitcoin when mining stops? All of these transactions regardless of scaling require miners to operate. Their is no incentive for mining to continue to operate if all they are participating in is nominal transaction fees. What happens to bitcoin then? Fizzle…. pop.

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