The main risks with investing in Chainlink (LINK) crypto

I’ve talked before on why I like LINK. For the sake of prudence, here are some the key risks that you need to be aware of. CLICK SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!


  1. As a broad guideline, investing in whitepapers is high risk, I try to invest in working products, and ofcourse you want to see the asset you are buying is undervalued, otherwise you're buying into FOMO. Also, the high staking rewards are awarded in tokens of that particular coin, meaning if that coin crashes in value, your rewards crash with it. Risks to watch out for when stepping into the Defi casino. Would love to see your list of assets you're currently invested in!

  2. As of right now (December 2019) do you see any superior competitors? An interesting point too, of the top 100 market cap coins, Chainlink is the longest somewhat consistently upward moving coin

  3. im 17 and it deeply saddens me i will never have the chance to buy LINK below >$3 its november 12 2019 and i guarantee ill be looking back at this in a year when chainlink is at least $15

  4. Just the fact that you used about 40 words that I can't comprehend in this video shows that you're super smart, and I am, basically retarded .. when it comes to Crypto (and finance in general).

  5. bitcoin and is the only real crypto , although some shops accept other crypto but the real thing that anyone wants is btc and eth and i think btc will remain the king and altcoin be something to use for transferring bitcoin but bitcoin system is perfect as a store of value for many reasons and there is no need for something to replace it because its doing its purpose and for small block size alts can help so alts come and go they are only cars in the highway,and the highway is bitcoin

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