The Man Who Put Everything He Owns Into Bitcoin | Moving Upstream

Last year, Didi Taihuttu sold almost everything he owned, poured it into bitcoin and moved his family into a trailer park. In this episode of Moving Upstream, …


  1. In other words, He left the Matrix to serve a purpose and to live every moment possible appreciating his loved one's. His father was a reminder of a life he didn't want to repeat. What an inspiration!

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  3. The truth is that whatever happens to bitcoin price just learn how to trade it and get a professional broker who will help you trade and make profits for you. I love this video

  4. He's my inspiration. Look at WSJ constantly trying to make him look like a crackpot … while those who gamble everything on the stock market are normal. Lol. Bitcoin isnt going anywhere. It's the money of our future.

  5. This man is the real deal. He continues to work in charity and is obviously enjoying his life. Check out his YT channel 'The Bitcoin Family' for updates on crypto, kindness, and health. Hug your kids, hug your mom. Happy Mothers day, happy Halving!

  6. Today the Bitcoin price is already much higher then at the time of publishing.

    The economy & financial markets crumble and Bitcoin grows. Well played, Didi 🧡

  7. The journalist misses the point. The man doesn't need an exit plan or end game, he is just LIVING. Something the journalist is obviously unable to comprehend due to his reliance on a 9 to 5 routine. As the saying goes 'Get a job, go to work, get married, have children, follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavement, watch TV, obey the law, and save for your old age. Now, repeat after me: you are free'.

  8. His aim was to change his life and he has done it. What a beautiful family he has. I sincerely hope they are doing ok during the corona times. Much love from Amsterdam!

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