The Mindset of a BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR | How Bill Ackman Makes His MONEY

Bill Ackman’s Top 10 Rules for Success. He’s an investor with a net worth of over $1 billion. He’s the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management.


  1. Please tell me I'm wrong. I became a stock market investor because I've noticed such a downfall in the market aka a recession. Been buying low, and just waiting for now.

  2. That's what happened to me as well. I got a robinhood acct about a year and a half ago and just tossed a couple hundred bucks in. Never even looked at a stock chart prior to that and had no clue about any of it. Had to learn how to even make a purchase Never mind what to purchase. Well I started looking at ticker symbols and and checked all the well known names and those were expensive so something told me those are too expensive go look for something cheaper. So I clicked on the 52Low option, picked one that had a high 52H and a low 52L and was near the low. It was LGCY and I think it was .25 at the time so I used like 150$ all in and bough it. Well like 2 hours later I looked and it was at .58 cents and had hit .84. and was coming down hard. I immediately sold and made I think like 280 bux around there and at that moment I said "ok this is what I'm going to master". I owned a construction business so to make almost 300 in 2 hours from my house was like nothing id ever imagined. Still not a master but I trade full time now and I'm still obsessed.

  3. Definitely one of the best investors of all time. His 27 Mill cost basis to 2.6 Billion P/L in 30 days is absolutely insane. 100x return on a high cost basis is way off the IQ charts. It takes a decent amount of skill to pull a 10x or more return regularly during any market cycle using something like Options Contracts on brokers like Robinhood (one of the most popular Stock/Options Platforms), but Bill's on another planet.

  4. Some of the bumps in investing Bill mentioned was Herbalife where he bet a billion and lost it however that same year he had winners that more than made up for his Herballife loss. Lately he just cashed in on the mother of all futures bet. I'm still trying to understand his tactics and strategies that leads to these outstanding successes.

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