The Sleeping Giant Cryptocurrency That Nobody Is Talking About

The sleeping giant cryptocurrency that nobody is talking about. I talk about the one beaten-down cryptocurrency altcoin that could start a major uptrend in 2020, …


  1. Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, and earn .25+ PI coin an hour for clicking one button a day, download the PI app on your phone and use my username (GreenCloud) as your invitation code. You need an invitation code to create an account.

  2. As someone who has lived in Korea, they work hard and make things happen. For years their tech and efficiency has been copied around the world, so with that I'll be investing in ICON since I believe in the adoption. They are a contender.

  3. PolySign will be a global system for the US and it's territories. It's the same as MyID. PolySign will work alongside PayID. to facilitate and a persons identification and payment identification.

  4. Nice video to look at, but it doesn't tell me much about the use case of Icon. IMO this video is build upon a lot of wishful thinking.
    First Bitcoin has to shine, then maybe alts like Icon. But I don't place my bet on Icon, but on altcoins like Kyber Network and (especially) Cardano.

  5. I am totally bullish on ICX even though i am not wealthy enough to have as much ICX as i would like (there are other projects i believe in and invest in, such as ETH which is way more expensive).
    But for now i have a little more than 900 ICX and in the days to come i intend to be at 1500 and invest in ICX little by little over time. Their staking is awesome even if it's not simple to grasp at first.

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