The Stock Market Next Week Plus Dollar (DXY), Gold, Silver & Bitcoin

Let’s plan ahead now together for the week ahead in the stock market, US dollar, gold, silver and bitcoin. Have a great weekend everyone. DISCLAIMER: These …


  1. Mr. Joshua Fedrick is not like other brokers that do tell stories and excuses why the trade didn't go well after investing , he help you show you how you monitor your earnings.

  2. 5:02 Great "humility" to share with us how to improve your teaching/trading skills with us. Thanks Jordan for your honesty! This is the most "Valuable" "YouTube" trading platform . I hope all subscribers appreciate the time you share with us.

  3. For those of us who have been led to believe that the FED has been pumping liquidity into the markets, you MUST watch this video. It was a real eye opener to me and made me realize that most experts on QE and what QE is don't actually know what they're talking about. Amazing at the amount of ignorance that is out there.

  4. October will still be shaky because we are still below the 50 day verage. However, I think there will be lots of support from tech stocks because of a possible year-end rally.

  5. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  6. This is the third time watching your video..good one. Anyway, I’m a dividend investor but it’s a slow and steady growth. I’m 39 and currently have $200k a portfolio and plan to retire at 60. My goal is to reach 2 million by then…I repositioned some of my dividend stocks using a broker. Now, I’m buying fractional shares of TSLA, AMZN ,NIO ,NVR again. Before, I’m after dividends for passive income but it’s slow growth so now I’ll take my chances on high growth stocks like SHLL, WKHS, PLNHF 13 I've gotten a 120% increase this year but hopefully I’ll reach a million sooner

  7. It looks like the market tried to sell off really hard last week, but it simply hasn't managed, whereby I am wondering isn't market running out of juice in going down (or whatever the opposite of juice is)?

  8. Jordan, any chance you know why the major NQ trendline appears different depending on which platform you're using? My trendline shows 11 clear touches, which we are currently over. Yours shows the same touches, but we are just under… I am lost.

  9. Agree with Wes + fast learners acknowledge mistakes. Tbh, I'm more interested in your thought process than resistance/support #'s and you are very transparent. Your processes/transparency/discipline translate outside of trading. Great video, thanks for posting.

  10. Thanks for all your work Jordan! Really appreciate it, you've kept me out of several terrible trades.
    Just have some thoughts on silver, I think it's a perfect time to go long. Bounced off the lower trend line and made a higher low off the main trend line. Trading view chart /x/FfabnULp/
    Of course a break above 25ish would be lower risk, but I think it will resume up from here.

  11. Clarity, love how you point out the trade you missed man, alway showing honesty, no ego.. I think with all the noise and uncertainty could be clouding our bias, which is why the short side looks more attractive.

  12. Hello there from Germany, I am trading the S&P 500 with Calls and Puts (18.12.20) – GB7MCT and GA3Y22 – I lost quite some money this year – but now I am trying to understand "the Game" and "the rules" – Jordan's channel helps me in reaching this goal. What do you guys think? Would you recommend to keep going or cut it because it us way to risky…? Thanks for your feedback.

  13. Thanks Jordan, great update as usual and information to reflect on, had a great week trading. Giving us a broader outlook of possibilities. Only complaint no Conquer Trading music intro.

  14. You weren’t going to record a video so thanks a million. At 4:31 you zoom into the screen – this makes visibility much easier if you can do that when we don’t need macro view 🙏🏽

  15. I think I have missed a video or twos of yours, but the rally on Friday was called. I see next week will be very bullish and VIX will spike – First President debate on 9/29, end of quarter report dressings, job report, and stimulus progress. I expect new stimulus next week or the week after. There is another event that will push the market higher!

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