The Strategy That Works Against WHALE MANIPULATION For CENTRALIZED Cryptos: Bitcoin, ETH, LINK & XRP

Do you think your favorite crypto is DECENTRALIZED? Think again. But don’t worry, there’s a strategy that SLAYS the whales 0:00 – Market Recap | Topics …


  1. Just a heads up for all of you traders, Polkadot is going to start releasing
    70,000,000 DOT tokens to their early investors starting 8-31 through 9-23 so keep in mind that this will be $426.7 million dollars flooding into (dumping) the Polkadot market. I’m by no means a professional but what I’ve learned in the last 4 years is that the coin should fall like a rock out of the sky because in my opinion there’s just no way Polkadots market cap can sustain its $6.00 price so dots should be a great price after 9-23 after all of those whale investors take all of their long awaited profits!!! I read this story on CoinNess yesterday so this info is by all means legit!!!!! BEWARE!!!!! Set your stop losses!!!!!!

  2. Just a thought; Flare could seamlessly connect the ILP and XRP. So if Flare creates a Defi FX and liquidity is provided by the US Treasury or by banks already working with Ripple, it seems to me that would solve the on and off ramp liquidity bottle neck. Is that a possibility?

  3. Even if you just want to dollar cost average, you can still add leverage since we are in bull market. For more sophisticated trading you can follow PlanA100m+ at twitter

  4. Completely side bar but wanted to give you a heads up that Voyager and Uphold are not available to NY State residents. I reviewed both websites last night.. You should update your exchange fees excel sheet to state that.

    That said, I am trying to get myself set up with a good offloading plan. I am currently set with coinbase, coinbase Pro and Gemini. Are there any others you'd recommend? Is Kraken worth signing up to?

  5. So all these coins basically have most of the coins concentrated in very few addresses.
    Which means , when the price is right, the rug will be pulled out as the liquidity explosion happens.
    Assuming the top holders/whales arent fanatics and will hold all their coins forever no matter the price.

  6. HODL and DCA work when the market is going up, Eg like a stock index typically does. Otherwise a successful trading plan has a distinct advantage in a volatile market. Problem is: almost no one selling you how to trade webinars and trading systems is competent and has continually made profits over time.

  7. I've been thinking about the articles theory for about a day that made whales look less smart than holders. They could be smarter, but with such high volume to move, they can't choose as well, how their orders get filled. Us little fish or dolphins, because they're smart, can make much better trading decisions.

    That said, most traders do worse. They seriously lose money. Good traders still lose money but make more, and great, well, maybe I'll be great one day, but for now, I'll just be a good trader.

  8. Wish Coinbase operated like Voyager. I've been fighting for over a month to get money moved from their vault to the wallet so I can leave. They won't let me leave. Filed with BBB no help. Im starting to feel they're all scammers. Coinbase supposedly had full withdrawal issue too. It's just a lie to keep your money. Complained to CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now. Rediculous. Their head of legal/security went to head OCC? Lord help us.

  9. @Rob – Why would Brad Garlinghouse step in you got scammed or made a mistake? He doesn't own the XRP ledger. That like say Vitalic would step in with ETH?

  10. 11.5% for stable coins on Celsius, I was about to transfer all my USD to USDC and into Celsius. My heart broke to see Texas being the only state where you can't do this.
    9% at Voyager will have to do

  11. ticker CSTR-Cryptostar listed on the TSX-V. Located 1 hour from HUT8 in AB, Canada. CSTR just acquired 120 megawatt project $$.

    This is not Financial advice as I am a fictional character. Cheers :)ticker CSTR-Cryptostar listed on the TSX-V. Located 1 hour from HUT8 in AB, Canada. CSTR just acquired 120 megawatt project $$.

    This is not Financial advice as I am a fictional character. Cheers 🙂

  12. Retail numbers are a bit deceptive in the sense that many large whale holders simply split their holdings into hundreds and thousands of smaller addresses that do not trigger an alert. These include hedgefund bot traders entering the market. The number of retail addresses increases as those addresses are created. Would be great to see a report that shows how many addresses with over say 100 btc or eth are chained to more than 10 smaller addresses within a specified time frame say 48 hours. I think this is happening much more than realized.

  13. I'm having issues with Binance, but I haven't found another exchange that lists as many alt coins as they do and allows payment using debit card.

  14. Rob, agree 100% on the people factor at companies. Thats exactly why i've chosen to use Celsius to earn passive interest income. Being doing it since the beginning of the year and pretty happy.

    AMAs are a great way for a CEO to be accessible and gives way more credibility that the company wont just fold and run away with our money. Alex even told us where he lives in Manhattan just to ensure that clients dont think he is hiding. Love Celsius Network.

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