The TRUTH about BITCOIN 2019 !

Bitcoin is skyrocketing right now ! We had a look behind the scenes of bitcoin, bitcoin miners and other cryptocurrencies. – New miners soon: …


  1. The mining giant BITMAIN and the international crypto service provider BITKAN will together host the World Digital Mining Summit on September 21-23, 2018 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

    This 3-day learning summit will feature 30+ eminent speakers and 1000+ attendees: miners, mining machine manufacturers, mining pools and hashrate owners. An exchange of leading insights on industry development and future transformation.

    Find more details and join the event here:

  2. Bc is how to bypass the corrupt big banks by fancy tech. BS. The big banks plan to hijack bc, WAKEUP. The only way to deal with the big banks is not a new app but to reset the system which means war. Bc is a trap set by the big banks.

  3. In the near future, it may well be that more and more people realize that exchanging their well-earned money in Bitcoin is a secure investment. If more and more people recognize this worldwide, the value of Bitcoin alone will be
    climb. Using Bitcoin as a currency would certainly not be necessary.
    Bitcoin could / will be the piggy bank of the future

  4. For some people, trading cryptocurrency is seen as an investment opportunity but there is an alarming proportion of people who are ‘gambling’ on these cryptocurrency markets as they would gamble on horses or sports or slots. And it has the potential to get them into significant trouble which further fuels the notion that crypto is extremely risky to invest in. You can't simply beat the market without having the right skill set as well as the stringent ability to not only read the news and charts but to create a strategy and work with it. Abiding by these simple rules will definitely make the difference between winning and losing as a trader and/or investor. There are a few mentors you can actually follow who would guide you and show you how to use a working strategy backed with great signals. I personally follow James Long and the benefit has been immensely great with me realizing profits of at least 400% on my bitcoins which I was previously HODling and losing money on every single day. My suggestion, especially to newbies and intermediates is to find someone like him and follow him religiously. His contacts are * * (jameslong241 @ gmail. com) WhatsApp * * * 1 (631) 364-4612. just in case you need some help with crypto trading and I am able to share his contact because I use his system and it has always been very productive for me.

  5. I'm 100% in favor of crypto currencies. The reason is simply that originally, currencies were backed by assets, had real value, and represented a share of gold or silver that they could be redeemed for. It quickly became apparent that as countries GDP's increased, there would not be enough gold or silver in the earth to cover the number of dollars that would be needed. This gave rise to debt based currencies, where your labor is the value behind the currency. What is exciting about crypto currencies is that it is a machines labor that is backing the currency, not human labor, which has the power to free mankind from the perpetual servitude necessary to maintain the value of their nations currency.

  6. BITCOIN is a massive fraud designed to extract money from suckers, and as PT Barnum said "There's a sucker born every minute." (That's you), and "A sucker and his dollars are easily parted." Buying Bticoin is buying thin air with nothing in it (not even air). It should be called BIT-CON.

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  8. the New world order khazarian mafia uses cryptos to traffick children via the website Backpage com and Trump indicted it and now as the pedophiles are arrested their crypto holdings are immediately liquidated simple as that

  9. forget about all those technical description,.the true value of bitcoin exists on two conditions , transfer money without charge, and someone will cash it for you.

    but its volatile value cant be trusted as a reliable transfer medium for most trade businesses.

    Secondly, if no trustworthy organizations like banks or governments to guarantee to cash it.
    It will only exist as a ponzi products for gambling and speculation. It exists as long as people keep advertising it promoting it.
    You can play it if you like gambling, but it’s a really high risk. Because it can become worthless over a night.

    At the moment, many big organizations also taking advantage of it so, it still relatively safe.

    US government is behind this now, as it works along with dollars to harvest world economy.
    If all other government started to ban bitcoins, it will be meaningless, FED will dump it too.

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