The Truth About Forex Trading, Bitcoin Mining, And Cryptocurrency

Forex Trading, Bitcoin Mining, And Cryptocurrency Will NOT Make You Rich If You Don’t Have A Lot Of Money. What Will Make You Rich? Click Here To Sign Up …


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  2. I hear what you said, so you mean people should keep working to make the money and keep paying bills but not invest in forex, crypto or other businesses to increase the money?

    This sounds stupid when the motive of earning and putting the savings to increase the value..

    What you said has double meaning..

  3. The Crypto world can be alien and intimidating to a beginner; it wasn't easy for me mining on my own as a beginner either, until I made my first major profit, mining with Mr Raphel Garvey

  4. You just need to know the process and understand the business and think in probabilities and treat it like a business and have a great risk management. Stick to 1% maximum risk. It's we who are the gamblers depending upon how we are treating it. Gambling can be done in any industry. It's depend on the mindset.

  5. Dan Lok is an Entrepreneur and Influential Personality. He's not a Fucking Trader so his words on these Topics are misleading. Trading is not Speculation. Its a Business and knowing how to Trade is Skill. FFS there are Forex Trading Billionaires literally on a totally different level such as Bill Lipschutz. A Market Wizard featured in Jack Schwagger's series. Trading is Active. Investments are Passive. Dan Lok is not a fucking Trader and not the right person to take advice from on this topic. Like it or not, these Social Media Influencers, Entrepreneurs are not Fucking Experts in every topic! so don't idolize them as All Rounders…

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  7. As Forex is a virtual earning platform so to trade profitably in this online trading market the secret code of successful trading is to choosing the right broker. A broker who will provide secured platform with all types of trading facilities. Forex4you I get the perfect broker who fulfill all my requirements with secured trading environment. I am using their MT4 trading software which allows to access the financial works very swiftly.

  8. Dan Lok is right! If you ask this quesion, the answe is NO!! Not because you can't make money with cryptocurrency, but because the question itself reveals that you don't know what you are about to do. If you invest in something, you should know why you are doing it, and be confident about it, and you should know the risks and be able to identify when it is time to sell, and you can't do that if you don't invest the time to educate yourself.

    There are many ways to earn a lot of money.Crypto is one of them, but Dan Lok has found another way, which doesn't involve cryptoes. He doesn't really care about cryptoes, because he makes money anyway. So you shouldn't take advice from Dan Lok about cryptoes. Take advice from people who have made a good amount of money from cryptoes instead. They know how they did it. Dan Lok does not!!

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  10. I DISAGREE. Ray Dalio, George Soros, Steve Cohen, Louis Bacon – These are all traders. They are also billionaires and would all disagree with Dans advise. Who would you listen to? A guy in a Bentley selling you courses or a guy on a yacht with no course to sell you but made all his money trading his system so well that he is now entrusted to trade other peoples money? Trading is only a business if you have a system and good discipline. Now, is trading easy? No… Not at all. And its not for everyone…. Being ultra fucking rich and successful is also not for everyone. Choose wisely.

  11. Indeed Brown is one of the best traders in the crypto world, I have made so much profits from trading with his recommended strategy and now I have recently made over 5btc

  12. NEVER, I mean, NEVER take advice from someone who DOESN'T TRADE FOREX nor hasn't invested enough time in Forex to even have an opinion. He's not profitable from Forex because he just simply never invested enough time in it to reach profitability. Just because he's riding in the back seat of a Bentley doesn't mean he's an authority on the topic of trading. Use your common sense. He's become wealthy through his own personal means, and one of them obviously wasn't Forex.

  13. It takes a long time to become a succesfull trader, some say it takes between 3-10 of experience and i would agree. But if you focus on The Supply and Demand trading methodology, you can cut that time substantially. Its when you realize that indicators dont work and focus on price action that you have any chance. Thats my expereince with it.

  14. No doubt 2020 has been so bullish for the entire cryptocurrency asset and there are alway room for the market correction and the leading crypto asset bitcoin is not left out of this short team correction which is every clear that the market has the both positive and negative benefits to different people,some would want the price to drop below this level more so as to buy cheap, and some will want the price to skyrock so as to make more money by selling the little they hold now, Dollar cost averaging is one way to go about increasing your position but it’s expensive and less efficient what I do is trade daily then I hold 50% of my profit and exchange the other 50% to fiat, I’m not an expert trader but I smart one because trade with signal provides by ADAM MIKE and I have grow my positive from 1.7btc to 7BtC MIKE is truly a genius and his signals and accurate he’s the best I have meet on here you can reach him on Telegram

  15. I am a new trader and i am a day trader. I can see that i lose more than i make, so I think that I should stop trading. Everytime it made me belive in a hope but in the end I am still going red.

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