The Ultimate Candlestick Patterns Trading Course

Discover how candlestick patterns can help you identify high probability trading setups — so you can profit in bull and bear markets. ** FREE TRADING …


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  2. Wow
    This is Impressive 😘 😘 😊
    I came across a telegram channel with the name Rayner Teo and Am curious to know if you are the one who is truly handling the group or its just Impersonation.

  3. You should be teaching. This was so wonderful, literally happy music to my ears. You offer real lessons.. Knowledge should always be shared freely but unfortunately there are so many greedy ppl out there.
    Thats why this video made me so happy. You are the real deal.

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  7. In case of intraday option trading, in which time frame we should check for the entry trigger i.e., the candlestick pattern? There are various time frames and in every time frame a different pattern forms.

  8. I want to start trading ,but my problem is how to understand trading as whole ,the guy is explaining nicely but am failing to cop with the lessons ,l dont know why,maybe l need more infor

  9. I think this is a very good trading strategy – the only problem would be that stocks fitting this pattern might be hard to find. OTOH, it makes a lot of sense. Thumbs up!

  10. Great video, Rayner!

    I have a question about the resistance in the example 5 at 30:52, why are the points of resistance showing resistance for both buyers and sellers? I mean the first two inflection points show the buyers pushing the price up, avoiding it to go lower than wherever the line is, but the third resistance point shows the sellers pushing the price down, not letting the price go higher than the resistance line. Isn't a resistance line supposed to be representing a floor or a ceiling instead of both at the same time?

    Thanks in advance.

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