1. I think you should watch the whole video to really understand the strategy, but here's some time stamps for the different sections:

    My #1 goal when trading cryptocurrencies (0:35)
    Why swing trading is superior to day trading (2:35)
    What is a breakout trade and why it's one of my favorite setups (5:16)
    What causes breakout trades to make such big moves (7:27)
    Step-by-step lesson on the "1234 Breakout Pattern" (10:22)
    How news catalysts affect breakouts (12:44)
    Why risk management is EVERYTHING (14:30)
    Case study #1 – Ethereum trade (16:40)
    Case study #2 – Ripple trade (19:34)
    Why we use CNBC as a counter-trend indicator (22:16)

  2. Chris, I currently trade on BTC on the Bybit exchange and I have a strategy that I was thinking about that I would like to run by you. First off, I want to let you know I am a true believer that BTC is the future of money for all the big reasons; decentralized, not controlled by any government, limited supply, transferrable, transportable, and counterfeit proof (well for now anyway). Given these factors I believe that the price of BTC will continue to rise, and having this belief I am thinking about entering into a leverage trade when the market looks like it is at the bottom of a dip, invest 1 BTC at say 10 x leverage, which would give me a liquidation price close to $1k lower then that my Entry Price, activate Automatic Margin Replenishment, and if the price drops to my LP my AMR would trigger using my Available Margin to lower my Leverage to 5x, which in turn will lower my LP another $1k. (not sure of the exact amount it will lower, but have looked at the formula and it is substantial).

    As long as I have enough AVM to cover lowering my Leverage each time, I can go from 5x to 2.5x, to 1.25x and finally to 1x. At that point I will have invested quite a lot of my AVM in this trade and can not lower my Leverage anymore, but if I have to I can purchase more Contracts which in turn will lower my Average Entry Price, which will in turn lower my LP, with the only caveat being I will have to watch the market closely and make the purchases manually before reaching my LP.

    Now using this strategy and starting at a higher low then previously seen in past market analysis, I believe for all the reasons stated above BTC will not Liquidate out, but go up and at some point I can eventually take my profit out of the trade and Hodle my BTC, while keeping some in the trade to continue to earn money.

    I know it is kind of like playing Roulette and playing the same color over and over doubling the bet, believing eventually probability will win out and the color will hit. The only problem with this is I have been to Vegas and have seen a Roulette table go 15 spins hitting the same color, not the one I have my money on. There is also the problem that Roulette tables have a minimum and maximum bet which is easily reached using this strategy.

    However, comparing the Roulette strategy to the Bitcoin strategy is not fair, Roulette is odds and probability, which Bitcoin is, at least for me, the future and will only go up.

    Your thoughts.

  3. I've been day trading crypto for about a year now, mostly losing overall. I think its time to try what you say. Trade Less, profit more. I may not be able to do the daily 3% that I want, but hey, I'm not managing to do it now anyway. Looking forward to trying something new!

  4. you can make change with day trading, but swing trading is superior because its where you make more money, usually with day trading its not as worth it earning a small amt and the amount of attention focus to have on the charts..

  5. Does your Mentoring program include everything a beginner trader needs to become an expert trader for example how to set up indicators on TV and how to use the most important indicators to fully understand a trade, how to read and analyze charts etc. Alerts are great, but I want a course that will teach me how to become an expert trader overtime.

  6. Insightful tutorial with Crystal clear trading hints but I believe the big hype won't come coz the big whales won't leave anything, I'm not pessimistic but the truth is that we won't see 100x or even 50x in near future.

  7. I rarely post a comment on a YouTube video, but I wanted to stop by and say thanks. You reminded me to get back to basics and stop trying to chase every 'can't miss' strategy I come across. Since watching this video I caught the breakouts on DCR, MAID, and GNT. Over the same time took a loss on NXC and I'm down in ZRX, but I'm making a lot more on the wins than I'm losing on the others. Takes a little more patience to swing trade but for me it delivers much better returns. Thanks and best wishes.

  8. Really awesome but is any chance u can upload this to podcast, just the way it is coz I know u r busy man.
    We all busy and listening podcasst when driving/gym whatever is super cool and time efficient ( on my Overcast ur last podcast "pathways to wealth with C.Dunn" is from 18/10/2016 🙂

  9. It would be cool to see how you are making money in this market. To see a live video of you buying some shorts, and hearing what your goal to close out is.

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