The Value In Cryptocurrency Explained By A Crypto Hedge Fund CIO

Ari Paul, CIO of cryptocurrency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, talks with Business Insider executive editor Sara Silverstein about the value in cryptocurrency, …


  1. Are you an Idiot, or just plain STUPID? Get out your computer or cell phone and show me a Bitcoin being mined, and it's weight, Mass and hardness on the Mohs scale, compare it to Gold and Silver! Show me a troy ounce ingot for inspection next to a troy ounce of Gold and Silver….Is your favorite color LEMMING YELLOW, and have you plans to jump off Mount GOX when Bitcoin Self destructs! Because the only people making money are the Ponzy Leaders!

  2. “When you take a block chain and add money to it” that’s what he said. What money? What tangible asset has been added to crypto currency?

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  5. Geat interview about crypto in which the interviewer asks intelligent questions and the interviewee knows what they are talking about. So much nonsense and drivel from talking heads on MSM who know shit all about cryptocurrency.

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