1. he is right. I believe him. put in on youtube dan Pena bitcoin, waren buffet bitcoin and listen until you understand it. I rather believe experienced business man. not naiv stupid people

  2. It took decades in IT before we could solve the double spend problem and it's the first time in history we have a decentralized ledger (no 3rd party involved) to track value transfer and in a transparent way. Bitcoin brought us all that and this idiot calls it a scam. 'he should know', he knows jack shit and shame on you CNBC for giving this ignorant fraud air time. You two fit well together, it's like watching Dumb and Dumber. Great for comic value, not so much for truth seeking.

  3. He is a scammer and we should listen to him? Are you serious CNBC? This is RIDICULOUS from you, CNBC. It shows that you are incapable of attracting viewers on a honest way without lying to the whole world. Shame on you.

  4. Presumably he thinks value should be kept in Banks like Wells Fargo (see recent World Alternative Media video) or some of the institutions that went bankrupt in 2008!

  5. BITCOIN is not a scam cause it has a great technology behind it, it's manipulative cause it's in its early days, when more and more people will use it manipulation and volatility will go away . He don't know what's he talking about, also you can invest and at the next bull run you can sell ….. BITCOIN will never go to zero and nobody can shut it down cause it's decentralised peer to peer open ledger. Maybe a lot of centralised cryptocurrencies are scams for sure but bitcoin is NOT one of them

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