1. All these losers buying zero value coins whitout understanding how the market works , they don't understand the 'technology' ,the use case etc…. Its a receipt for disaster! Degenerate gamblers …its very funny to watch

  2. Dood. I had to pause and comment at the Vicent Vega clip. OMG………..perfect. You sir, are a genius. Now……more about the crypto space……..

  3. I observed the price of every coinbase listings using twitter notifications. The pump got smaller and smaller every time, many coins where being added. The last ones were very small. Now XRP did almost nothing, I was also expecting way more but I guess we can't expect too much from these listings anymore.

  4. Omg that was me! Yusss, you're welcome. I don't even have any loool
    I have much faith in the project though, I just have to pay things off, but I may have to pile into crypto before that happens (likely).

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