This Is How Bear Grylls Really Makes All His Money

Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls has actually got quite a few side projects that help keep that cash flowing even when he’s not in front of the camera. Here are some …


  1. I followed this link from Bitcoin, saying Bear makes money from Bitcoin, scamming arse hole's 😭.
    Hope people soon realise and don't fall for it and lose loads money..

  2. This scumbag cost me money with this bullshit , from hero to zero , life long fan idolised the man so assumed he wouldn't lie to scam brits . Lol after losing my savings I'm thinking of burning his bland island to the ground an if our paths cross I'll attack him an anyone related to him , ignore him an disgrace him , he was paid to say all this by a scammer so innocent fans would lose everything , sound like a guy you want your kids to look upto ? Stand together an hurt him for it , that's what British people do best , we can make him regret this , let's take out everyone he loves an god will do the rest ,I'll forget when I'm dead until then bear I'm comin for you , special forces style ,

  3. I heard he got a super injunction gagging the British press from reporting any…….let’s say, indiscretions. Not such a nice guy.

  4. This video is complete bollocks. Grylls' father is stinking rich. That's where his money comes from. He keeps his money in offshore tax havens like all stinking rich people do. When Wales is an independent republic, we'll buy back 'his' island. For a dollar.

  5. Bear once pinned me down and forced me to pee into his mouth. He said that my piss was the only source of nourishment to get us both going. Despite the fact that we happened to be in Tesco's I completely obliged and thankfully made it back home safely.

  6. I was one of the "smart" ones that purchased his multitool and a large knife when it first came out. This was when Gerber was on the downslope for quality control. I used the hammer once and it broke. The multitool broke a week later.

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