This is a short glimpse into the realm of risk management when it comes to day trading or swing trading any asset. Of course, we focus on Bitcoin and other …


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  3. This is some great information, thank you for this. I recently started day trading on binance, and have not been so successful. Is there a particular reason you do not use binance as a trading platform?

  4. Here is a 100% win rate strategy to go off of. Trade against cnbc financial analyst, so far all of my paper trades against cnbc buy/sell signals has always worked against them

  5. Excellent information. I will look forward to see how this is matched with level of investment per trade as this is where I fail. I feel I invest to high so it I loose the first 2-3 trades my balance really drops. I would also love to know how to factor fees into this scenario as a Stop will usually bring fees. Great job mate, you are terrific…..

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