This week in Bitcoin – Jun 15th, 2020

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  1. Nice and interesting video from you . Please do you know of any
    multi crypto asset wallet that has the features like Atomic wallet and Exodus
    wallet, but has an option where your profit from the asset can be shown
    and converted or withdrawn.? (a feature like, if example you have
    Bitcoin=2000, Dash= 500 Ethereum =3000 and in a month, there is profit
    of 250 on all these 3 crypto, you can withdraw only the profit so the
    cost price of the cryptos remains untouched) Is there a wallet like
    that? please let me know guys……

  2. 0:53 Gawd, how stupid. Why not make a documentary? The two characters are living, you can just have the real deal on the screen instead of some actors. I laugh at this mania of making movies out of things that happened few years ago, with all the actual people still around, like "Social network" and similar idiocies. Besides (elephant in the room) what on earth is wrong with just reading the book? Sheesh. (This is not a comment against this video,of course.)

  3. Hi guys
    I keep hearing about Bitcoin Vault BTCV been the upgraded version of the current BTC.
    Same creator, same blockchain, same characteristics.
    It's just over 6 months and has just surpassed ETH in price.
    What is the outcome or forecast in your point ofview?

  4. Great news !
    Airdrops = excellent 2 viewpoints about them :
    1. privacy data leaks
    2. volatility
    but there 2 more, i'd say these are TRAPS :
    3. time spent+ more bureaucracy+money worth for selling/conversion+minimum withdraw from exchange+fees : If someone wants to sell the airdrop coins fast (assuming is already listed on an exchange usually new one) the person have to create an account on that exchange (assuming the person is new to such kind of stuff and the airdrop is not given by a popular online wallet such as Blockchain) and give personal ID details (KYC), wait to get account approved few days or even get denied based on country or postponed based on number of users reached to fast, spend some time to learn trading on that platform, create the trading queue and wait ..and wait…for what ? like 5$…20$ worth airdrop minus exchange fees (not to mention the minimum withdrawal/trading amount possible traps) ? not worth it, i'd say even if there is no volatility risk. Thats why i'm not an aidrop hunter.
    Better view ads on faucets , and get paid in popular coins in a microwallet, its slower earning but it's anonymous way of earning some cents.
    4. scam trap : some airdrops of an unknown coin/token could be created specially to attract people to buy more coins/tokens of that kind and that coin will never be listed anywhere, i mean an aidrop could link/lead to a scam I.C.O.
    A relative close to this as example is the Bullcoin where people which invested on the matrix platform ethtrade dot org has received bullcoins as compensation for their balances before shutting down the website except for asian countries.
    Airdrops are kinda similar to ICOs the only difference is that the airdrops are free while ICOs are discounted promos for purchasing but both are for a certain amount/time period and i'd say both in 99% cases are based on a new/unknown coin/token.
    In some countries including China, ICOs are now illegal because of to much scamming/ coin fail rate.
    I'm not saying Airdrops are something bad , i'm saying these not worth hunted , my opinion.
    Liked video.

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