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  2. I've recently spent £200 on bit coins I think I've been scammed as a member of this bunch of thieves was ment to call me back but hasn't I gave no way of contacting them thay were swiss thats all I know at this point
    Please can someone help

  3. Hey Nate, would it be worth doing a video on CureCoin. It seems relevant at a time like this. I just found out about it, would like to understand more, and think you're the best guy to explain it.

  4. What fees are there to put bitcoin on this debit card? I find a big hurdle for bitcoin is the fees associated with buying or selling it. Will the debit card remove fees for day to day purchases like at the grocery store?

  5. Thank you sir. My question…. it would be great to hear your take on the threat, if any, that quantum computing poses for Bitcoin; and how the Bitcoin community responds to such situations.

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