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  1. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock closer each minute..⌛️..⏰

    2012 and 2016 halvings ignited 🔥 the exponential 2013 and 2017 price surges!

  2. Watch out guys biggest BTC transaction in history was sent just about an hour ago aprox 88k BTC we sit at 13k as I type this comment keep your funds safe use a stop loss. Or open a short as a hedge to your long. This 88k BTC transaction is still has not been fully validated/confirmed on the blockchain so still in process watch out because when his/her/it's funds are available I'm pretty sure it's got some plans for the market. Along with a downtrending traditional market this isn't looking pretty. All I'm saying is if your bullish just use a stop to be safe it would be terrible if you have your funds to a multi billionaire.

  3. @cryptobitcoinchris my comment/question pertains to the last few moments of the video. Are you making trades from there or the technical analysis screen? I am so blasted confused I can't stand trying to figure it out! Yet I must succeed in doing so!

  4. Chris, thx 4ur TA-ke.
    LoL, SXP (Swipe), perfect name.
    Now they're talking about a Pancake Swap, Cake.
    So, CZ can have your Cake & eat it too!…
    Lesson, don't trust a Chinese EX HQ'd in Malta.
    Do ur own TA & kind regards 2all…

  5. Rona Cases are up Unemployment claims are still up yea they say their down but all it takes is a quick google search or some independent in depth research to find some real credible info. News outlets news articles are a joke im not even going to waste my time and say more they are simply a joke. Check out Mass EXODUS of retail stores everyone is exiting at the same time alot of bankruptcies going on a new reorganizing of the financial situation with many business. Check out Business insolvencies its insane US is #1 now. i did not google this i just noticed this first hand… evictions one of my friends and some at risk family members. Go ahead and google it im pretty sure youll find something about a evictions or housing crisis. Ive been looking for a home the past 2 years and all of a sudden every morning i wake up with tons of notifications on my tablet and my phone New home for sale PRICE DROP PRICE DROP obviously something is brewing. If you havent found the connections yet Paypal and JP are creating the FOMO to push this market up they are up they are in profit they are trying to accumulate all the BTC they dont want whales the intuitions want to control everything. You can go ahead and google every major large institutions that has invested and you can see their approximate profit everyone is UP. There is tons of money sitting on the sidelines in crypto but how do you think all these multimillion dollar USDT holders or USDC holders have so much money obviously not by buying the top there is a reason the market hasnt PAMPED the way everyone thinks it will. Theyre waiting for the volatility to set it… VOLATILITY= Code word for SELL OFF. Many people get blinded by the profit and wishful thinking and the FOMO. You know this Chris they are trying to trick us. This has happened with BTC time and time again but alot of people never learn. Accumulation range 1,000$-15,000$ long term target 100k super mega long term target 350k and yes i have a chart for thisafter we reach the top well probably see a 20-30k BTC as a stable price. BTC is more linear than logarithmic like people think. People think that BTC has decoupled from the traditional markets thats where they mess you up. Alot of intuitions have milked traditional markets now the smart ones are trying to MILK BTC cause its so easy market cap is so minuscule. If you wanna know what to do in the crypto market just google BTC and if you see videos with thumbnails of rockets large green candles tons of FOMO FOMO FOMO then there you have it. Just do the opposite and you'll be good. Do not be the liquidity for these whales. take your money BTW fear and greed index does not lie! Trade technically not emotionally ive built my case and its strong. Now when we get stimulus well see a leg up but what's going to happen after there is no more stimulus?

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