THREE Technical Reasons BITCOIN Will Pump. Charts TELL ALL

This is not about Stock to Flow ratio, logarithmic projections, the Bitcoin halving event Get your free Bitcoin Trading Plan at Join our …


  1. Bro we are in a bear market we will go down hard with snp 500 right now everything is different we have virus situation and so many people with out jobs and businesses crashing i think we will see 3k or 2k bitcoin soon

  2. Trend looks bullish still for me. However, I'm cautious due to potential reversal based on the following signals (1) Bear Div developing on the daily time frame wrt RSI, (2) confluence of Daily Kijun and Senkou B, Weekly Tenken, and 0.5 Fib on HTF at 7200-7300 resistance [my Ichimoku settings are doubled at (20, 60, 120, 30) so it looks still under/within the cloud on D1], and (3) bear market rallies on the S&P could turn down at any point with 22M unemployment and quarterly earnings reports. I'll continue to buy dips until proven bearish. I think you're right, If we move up, we're moving up fast. I'll feel a lot more confident if/when we see a TK cross on the daily.

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