Tim Draper – How To Invest Successfully with Billionaire Venture Capitalist (FULL INTERVIEW)

Zain was lucky enough to interview one of the most successful venture capital investors of all time – Tim Draper. Fresh off the back of the $790m sale of his …


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  2. Amazing content. Very insightful for young entrepreneurs like me.
    Unfortunately in Africa is tough to find VC investors. I have great idea in the digital transformation but it’s tough. What could you recommend me Mr. TIM DRAPER?

  3. Hey guys!

    Thank you so much for watch the video and welcome to the new Zain Jaffer channel. We're very excited to be publishing more entrepreneurial, investing and business content – especially through these tough economic times that lie ahead.

    To celebrate the interview with Tim we're doing a $50 Bitcoin give away to the top comment on this video (please note you must be subscribed to the channel to enter)

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