TIPS TO FIND THE BEST STOCKS TO INVEST IN LONG TERM | Beginner's Guide w- @James Bernstein

Learn how to pick the best long-term stock investments for your portfolio using fundamental analysis. Easy to understanding process to help you go from a …


  1. I've been a Technical Analysis, charts only, investor/trader for years and tended to rubbish fundamental analysis. However I came across a fundamentals strategy which has produced great results and matches 70% my momentum strategy. A scan of Debt to Equity < -10% ie no debt but cash in bank, Mkt cap > 500 million, EPSG > 20%, ROE >10% and turnover > $300,000/day. run that on some broker websites or LincolnStockdoctor or Stockopedia on the March and August reporting season and it comes up with great winners – DTL, TPW, NWL, OCL, KGN, PMV, HUB, CDA, BBN and others. There aren't that many stocks that meet these criteria ~ 20-30 at each reporting season. Run my momentum scan and most of these also pop up. I think the reason they match momentum scans is after the company reports good results, large fund managers buy into the stocks causing the increase in momentum. I am now running the fundamental scan and then looking at the charts of each. Results so far have been better the TA by itself.

  2. Great episode guys – full of some great gems to takeaway 🙌

    Really liked the point about focusing on the companies that have a good long-term track record. As they say 'winners keep winning'

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