1. Xrp, xlm, ada, vet, zil, theta, tfuel, xdc, mbx, rsr. For me I follow a handful of ta youtubers and follow some of their suggestions. MBX I actually researched everything I could find on it and I like what real use case it will have in the near future so I went in big on it. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™

  2. I have staked $100(for 1 million tokens @ 0.0001/ each)into the private sale round of a new Exchange token launching in March. Over 540k members currently with 40k+ new users daily. https://globalcrypto.exchange/i/R0NYMTYwNzgyOTQzNQ== Free airdrop 100$ worth of tokens (currently 0. 10/each =1000 tokens) Also currently running private sale with opportunity to purchase 1 million tokens for 100$(0.0001/each) Coin is expected to be worth at least 1$ by launch in March with some targets as high as 100$ each. Also, you can stake your tokens for 1 year to receive 0.1% daily compounded interest. If you stake 1 million coins that's 1000 a day in interest. If those coins were $1 each that's $1000/day in interest off a $100 investment. Imagine if it approaches or surpasses the value of the binance coin currently trading at $40. Join the fastest growing global exchange today and make up to 35% comission on trading fees from your referrals(as well as 200$ free tokens per referral) Also, you will receive up to 35% commission on your referrals presale and ico coin purchases. I've already recieved 150,000 free coins from one of my referrals. https://mobile.twitter.com/GlobalcryptoE -twitter

  3. XRP/Vet…soon XLM…..researching GRT and VCC… utility baby……a group of my co workers all in the same "Northern Lights Crypto Knights"…..p.s….been watching Scammer Payback about a week now….funny and awesome vids…gotta love "Mary" hehe

  4. Well I don't have to worry about scams on FB or Twitter because they suspended me ๐Ÿ˜ So JR you are a social media pro, you need to get on Mewe and or Wimkin because I don't see enough XRP discussions on there. Plus I can't message you! Lol

  5. XRP , XLM, LITECOIN are my favorites for many reasons. I am considering dissecting a few others including algo, vechain, Cardano and filecoin.. Futuristically I believe litecoin will be used to purchase power. (Through the grapevine) We know what XRP and XLM are capable of..
    The average person is not going to research and connect as many dots as the crypto family has done.. I am a contractor always on the move. Doesn't matter if I'm driving or working I am listening to a select few here on YouTube during the day and following up on the facts at night.. Throw in some Secrets of the millionaire mind by T. Harv Ecker , Think and Grow Rich by Les Brown and Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and the transformation has begun..

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