1. Hey Guy!
    Thank you for your video on these tools! You opened a very new aspect for analyis for me.
    I vote for tutorials on lunarcrush and sentiment, how to interpret the different data, and what kind of layouts are useful in different cases!

  2. This guy's the crypto genius. He should be a professor. Any colleges offering BS in Crypto yet? I know there are MS programs that have been around for a while.

  3. Hey man, really cool video. I really appreciate it, it's helped me a lot. I'm wondering why haven't you mentioned about Coindesk. Is this because you're already use Cryptopanic so you don't need to seek for information on Coindesk?

    Apart from that I'd love to hear your tips how to analyze some charts & data, because those seem to be a little overwhelming, especially when you're a rookie. For instance I really like LunarCrush and their data digestion is very assimilable, but when switching to i.e. Santiment or CoinDance then their portfolio is pretty tough… I'm aware it's a matter of lack of knowledge and ideally each person should firstly learn those terms & meanings in order to analyze that data, but like I mentioned at the beginning – it's all about being a rookie and being overwhelmed with so many different and hardly digestible information.

    Also I'm sick to know how do you you pick your gems. What factors trigger you to buy certain tokens? Being a leader in some field, having no competitors, offering frictionless services, long term roadmap oriented on unique goals? On the other hand, what makes you probe and suspicious about certain tokens? You've mentioned about CryptoMiso (but it gives just a narrow view on a matter), so what's the other side of the coin when it comes to investigating someone's profitability?

    Summing up, please record a video and teach us how to analyze such very specific data and how to differentiate real gems among all tokens, cheers! πŸ™

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