Top 3 Reasons Why Billionaires are Investing in Bitcoin

Today Paul Tudor Jones was on CNBC to discuss why billionaires are now investing in Bitcoin. Pay Attention! Get FOMO Trender 50% off with “BitSquad” …


  1. 0% :)). During bitcoins beginning, my friends and I decided to buy bitcoin at $60.00, then the guy who was supposed to help us buy it, disappeared. We forgot, fast forward, the greatest gains occurred before we were ready.

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  4. Does that mean we should be expecting some surge in the price of Bitcoin if the big whale are getting interested? Reward in crypto is high so also the risk, the only option I have chosen to remain save is KoinPro

  5. hey bitboy if Data is the world's new oil then why can't people own their own data and sell it as an altcoin owned by the people? Do u know where lm coming from? Why let big tech steal all our data and sell it? The people should make money and good future investments. Especially in these difficult times and AI taking over so many jobs. Let me know what u think.

  6. Hi all , so I bought some crypto this morning around 3-5am as I spent most of weekend trying to learn and get tips on how to before the so-called halving. Well my last buy did not go through NOT DUE TO ME OR MY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS. 4/5 hours later I checked my email and I had been sent 4 messages from coin base as they had cancelled my 4/5 transactions and removed the VISA debit/ credit cards I added. Even master card was rejected. Why? Hmmmm my 11, yr old screamed around 5:55ish when I was going a third time at entering my card details again. Gotta say I may have not a Bitcoin in site/ account but it is PROBABLY A BLESSING in disguise. Maybe the 2nd mark of the beast. I know I was clearly picking A** bits otherwise why would they cancel all 4/5 transactions and remove the Visa cards already added. Yes I did buy some coin with it before they cancelled me out and removed. I got better things to do with my time other than allowing the coinbase powers that be control me through the coin. Oh well. They’re loss

  7. GREAT VIDEO!!! I have been saying the same thing for 3 years now when explaining the future of blockchain and digital currencies. It is like the mass adoption of cell phones. Mobile phones were created in the mid-80's but it wasn't until the mid-00's that it became widely adopted and now we do everything from our phones. Same thing is going to happen to crypto in the next 10-15 years imo. It took the mobile phone industry 20 years so we are right on pace with digital currencies and block chain being only 10 years in.

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  9. I had hardly heard of bitcoin until recently when the MLM company, which I make a good portion of my income from starting offering payments in Bitcoin. I now take 33% of my earnings from them in bitcoin.

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