Top 5 Bitcoin Predictions for 2020 (BTC Price Prediction)

Today we look at my Top 5 bold predictions for Bitcoin in 2020. We will see whether or not I believe Bitcoin will reach new All Time Highs next year. If you would …


  1. I can’t make purchase from my cash App,it says I have reach my limit and can’t add more than $0 at the moment and I haven’t purchased any yet…..any advice please?

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  3. As always, I appreciate your videos. I'm envious at the amount of time you get to spend on researching the subject. Regarding Bitcoin maximalism and people capitulating on alt coins, what is your stance now on trading vs HODLing? I was a HODLer for a long time and got tired of watching my portfolio get cut in half. I went to trading, as part of a group that I like very much but am still watching everything continue to go down. A while ago you were frowning on HODLing. Has that changed?

  4. We need to make crypto easy for mass adoption, I agree. We also need to stop being elitist and simplify our explanations of crypto (which you are fantastic at) if we want people to understand the importance of this space — Onward to the future! Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy new year.

  5. Happy New Year BB. Thanks for your insight. I feel like we're in the line to get on the roller coaster, lol. Take a deep breath and jump in. May this year be bright and bountiful.

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