Top 5 Crypto Debit Cards in 2020 #debitcard #bitcoin #visa #mastercard

Hello and welcome to 4C Trading TV where we talk all things cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. I am your host Ben and this week I want us to address …


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  4. I just use a bank product called Blackcatcardб not a crypto bank card. That's a usual euro mastercard debit card with a hot wallet linked to it. Normally I make crypto-fiat exchanges. The exchange rates you can see in the app as they are changing online but always seems ok for me

  5. As a longtime user of this site I AM AMAZED TO SAY:

    I have never see a ponzi scheme so well executed with such class.

    With nearly $2,000 invested through the app, while I am able to buy

    and sell crypto, according to the images on my screen, it is impossible

    to reconvert to any national currency such as the dollar, after depositing your money.

    I was surprised to hear the advertisement "speak to a real person" @ :25 in the video. If you can find the customer service

    number, I will personally give you a $10.00 cash back Cash App award if it does not say "due to a high volume of calls"

    Has anyone ever received a reply from : contact@@t, seems to send the user into a tail chase.

    Notice all of the reviews online for @t. They are all advertisements. ​@t is a remarkable ponzi scheme that has employed,

    paid promoters, advertisers and reviewers along with a well crafted app and website to lure users into thinking that it is a legitimate crypto

    currency exchange.

    Now I would hope that my comment does not get pushed far down below the pinned video with a bunch of reviewers all of a sudden since it appears the last review was a while ago. However I have begun an investigation with an NBC News Investigative team because it seems no one at is able to provide info on how to withdraw Fiat Currency or the dollars and cents we get deposited into our accounts.

  6. Hey Ben, you forgot to mention CoinZoom, with CoinZoom we are allowed to spend 40+ different cryptocurrencies at 53M Merchants globally. They are doing pretty good job TBH, it's worth to mention them in your next video.

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