TOP ALTCOINS TO INVEST IN OCTOBER 2020 – 10 Coins to $10 Million!!!

These are the best altcoins to buy right now for October 2020. In today’s video, I am going to share with you the best cryptocurrencies to invest in today for …


  1. Wow!
    Glad you mentioned one of my favourite altcoins, $CKB. I should seize the general bear market situation to get some more of it. I also want to go in for $UNI, any contrary opinion?

  2. Please help me, I’m Brazilian, and poor, I started investing in cryptocurrencies, but I’m still a layman, because I don’t have people teaching in Brazil, I just wanted you to tell me which cryptocurrency I buy, so that in the near future it will value a lot , please help me, I want to make my parents proud 😓😓🙏

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  4. Don't sleep on VELO, it's a cross border payments and stablecoin issuance protocol. Stablecoins on Ethereum are worth $20B and Velo will host stablecoins in a wider range of currencies.

  5. The title sounds a lot like the title of a PALM BEACH CONFIDENTIAL by TEEKA TIWARI. What is it with all the youtubers doing this at the moment? 🤦

  6. What garbled nonsense! September was a shockingly bad month for Tokenmetrics. Absymal.
    Most of the coins had double digit loses. Just own it!
    I love the trade gains column..Who the hell is a) going to know the monthly high? b) get out at this level for one coin, let alone 20? It is a job for a full time genius!
    If Tokenmetrics was so great why didn't it pick up on Cel token in September.
    On the bright side, the October picks can't be worse ; )

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  8. The only coin in whole crypto space which didnt move an inch yet is dash. Everyone knows once dash moves it becomes 🚀 like what happened on jan 2020. Low supply and -95% from all time high

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