TOP REASONS I INVEST IN GOLD, BITCOIN AND SILVER – (NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS)… In this video I talk about investing in gold, bitcoin and silver. We talk …


  1. Jake this is so awesome ! I still work busy hours and hardly ever have time to research these areas .. could you please explain how to start with bitcoins as there are so many scammers out there especially pseudo mining platforms … and what tupé of gold/silver do you invest into ; bars or jewellery or both ? Thank you 😊

  2. My suggestion to all of you! Cash out of any USD and all assets valued in USD! Invest in any other currency! Millions of Americans are about to leave the USA because they are tired of the Federal government and all of its BS. Most will be permanently moving to Mexico which will strengthen the peso dramatically! Mexico is an honest country, far more honest than America! And that is why so many are going to start over there!; America is about to fall and it is not a place anyone, who cares about their children, will want to be! America is about to become the focus of world war 3 because roughly 90% of the world hates America by default! But those countries will not touch Mexico because they understand that it is a peaceful country that minds its own business! You do not have much more than a couple of months to leave this country! I will personally be leading this fall of the Federal government as well as leading those who are tired of being taken advantage of into a new way of life! 👍🏼
    Bienvenido a Mexico!

  3. Good job on this video! Physical gold to me is an insurance policy. Gold stocks are a leveraged way to play the trend up or down. One of the charts I like is the Dow to Gold price ratio. When the ratio is 5:1 or lower and trending lower you should be wary of equities, when above 5:1 and trending higher you should be considering equities in favor of gold IMHO.

  4. Precious metals will be key to protect wealth. As for bitcoin, it's just speculative. I don't trust its fundamentals, even though you may make a quick buck.
    Question: I intend to invest in gold mining stocks. I did my research on which companies to invest in. Should I wait for a pullback or invest in now? Marin Katusa says there might be a pullback in the upcoming weeks. I'm not seeking financial advice. Just your opinion. Thanks for your content! 🙂

  5. A few channels say this but yeah good to know to buy gold and silver! Nixon really screwed the world 1972 with this fiat currency! It was his idea, soooooo, actually America screwed us and owes the entire world bigtime. But they don’t own up to their failures and their debt. NOPE! they let us, the people who already have nothing because of their moneyprinting, pay off their dept… so yeah buying gold an silver is a good thing. Not bitcoin!!! It is part of the same system the gouvernement provides. We should manifest a completely different government and/or system. Not fall back on their system that fails over and over again. Jake you should invest most of your money into silver and gold. Money is just paper nowadays. You don’t go to a store and pay with printingpaper, but it’s worth just as much as papermoney. Please don’t invest in bitcoin.. they will take away everything. It’s just numbers on a screen worth nothing. It’s even worse than Nixon’s fiat money plan.

  6. Yesterday, Bitcoiin's halving occurred on the 63O,OOOth block. The reward for the mined block was reduced by one half and now amounts to 6. 25bitcoin. The day before the halving, the Bitcoiin price fell about I8%, and on the day of the halving, volatility decreased. During the day, the price rose 8% over several hours and set a local maximum at around 9,2OO. In the evening it fell by more than IO% and tested the 8,2OOusd level. Now there is some stabilization of the price with buyers recovering the pair to the hourly moving average EMA55 in the area in ​​which the POC indicator line runs at around 8,83Ousd, If the average price level can be overcome, then the recovery will continue to the green trend line. so we might witness huge rally due to the halving happening yesterday , for now you can only make profit by trading, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Kentrell's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram kentrellroger orWhatsApp+1(2I3)34O-562O–__

  7. Bitcoin is a central bank scam to get people to switch to a digital currency. You’re supporting your future enslavement by buying bitcoin. A digital currency is a central bankers wet dream. Gold and silvers are great buys however

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