Trader Cobb: Professional Crypto Trading, Strategies, Top 3 indicators & BS Technical analysis

Dear crypto community and Blockchain buddies across the globe, WELCOME BACK to Cryptonites Season 2 Finale, the no-BS Blockchain channel covering …


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    01:14 Previous seminar with Craig Cobb and his fantastic energy
    02:11 Thoughts on cryptocurrency as an asset class
    02:27 "I trade technical analysis which is basically human emotion on a chart
    02:49 Crypto is the most volatile market IN THE WORLD
    03:46 The problem is that a lot of the candy is poisoned…
    04:07 We teach people if a market is thin and not tradable or if there are enough orders going through
    04:21 The order books are lying!
    05:00 If you don't have capital, you don't have anything!
    05:15 Very few have a strategy, what do you suggest?
    06:25 People teach technical analysis, but it's like sugar…
    07:07 Behind the scenes from CC Forum
    10:08 Consistency is the key element for any trading strategy
    10:34 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your trade
    11:12 What is Mac D and why do you love it as an indicator?
    11:57 The price action is my God
    13:19 Calling out technicals in your seminars: RSI and slopping trend lines
    14:06 Moving averages: like two snakes making love
    15:33 RSI is a big thing inside the community
    18:36 Tips from Craig's mentor
    19:29 The market is a partner in dance
    21:44 The bees d*** rule
    22:54 The fact that Bitcoin rules the entire market is a good or a bad thing?
    24:52 The reason why I'm not a Bitcoin Maximalist
    25:21 I stack BTC and Ethereum
    26:02 Do you see a future for Altcoins?
    28:00 Scanning all the margin pairs every morning on
    29:54 Finding what Fits YOUR rules
    30:42 Golden rule: If it's not clear it's not there
    32:19 As a trader, you just need to be simple at what you do and very good at it
    33:42 Best trading platforms and what is missing in the space?
    36:57 Where to follow Trader Cobb

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