Trading Bitcoin – Big $BTC Pump, Last One Before Halving?

Trading Bitcoin – Big $BTC Pump, Last One Before Halving? Subscribe so you don’t miss the next one: ▽▽▽Check below for events …


  1. Geesas! I knew he was going to knock MA as a 'socialist' state, the only reason any of us live in this state is because of Boston, the beaches, the pizza and it's next to NH. Unfortunately socialism is for the rich, while the rest of us rely on good "credit". Thanks for another excellent analysis.

  2. I don't blame anyone for my decisions but we watch you tube videos from supposedly respected investors because we value there input but man I'm not listening to Tone Vays any longer. He arrogantly spouted that he bought at the $4500 dip and that you should have purchased your hoddle stack when he did and that now it's too late and he said that when the price of BTC was still at $6000. I was ready to buy then but I stupidly listened to him and waited. Now it's over $3000 higher and I'm just watching it go up and I'm on the sidelines. What a mistake to take these arrogant you tubers opinions. I will make my own decisions which everyone should do. You Tube influences should get off their high horse. I have no respect for this jerk.

  3. A stunning revelation – US market is not manipulated, from a bitcoin hodler, made shortly after US corporate bond market got nationalized. And price of meat in Soviet Union was free trading. Unsubscribed.

  4. Businesses are not opening up this month, or this year. You might want to glance at the news or the political harbingers in play here. They are relevant to finance in that we are being deprived of our rights to property. Capital gains taxes may go away, but the right to have money is going to go away for many at the same time.

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