Trading Bitcoin – $BTC MOONING, Saturday Pump as Expected

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  1. It's another wonderful day for cryptocurrency whether holding or trading, cryptocurrency continues to enjoy increasing recognition evident of the course in the pay-pal integration of it into their systems, a very welcome addition.
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  2. Hard to believe bitcoin, a commodity, with current cost of production around $7k being worth 100k. Is the algorithm that smart?…can it move in lock stepto that price rise?

  3. Bought Saturday night when price was breaking 13.3k because the “break out”, it immediately dipped to 13k. LOL
    I usually buy after work on Sunday, so if the price returns to 13.3k by then, then I didn’t lose any value for this week’s buy. Bitcoin always seems to punish me when I get impatient or greedy.

  4. Great show as always 👍, the only thing I disagree on is Ethereum , Not only will it reach its all time high again it will also surpass it’s A.T.H by leaps and bounds, regardless of its engineering stand point at this time. 11:30pm & BTC is $13322 🚀

  5. "Welcome to another episode of 'Trading Bitcoin' with your host Tone Vays……….are we live? Is this thing on??" LOL. Can't wait for the Moon so Tone gets a premium studio and AV tech! Love the content!

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